Lessons Learned

April 17, 2012

Sorry for the skipped post last night guys, my weekend was busy and productive, but no pictures were taken.  And my list of Monday “to dos” didn’t even seem blog worthy.

I almost fell into that same trap again tonight.

No, my weekend and Monday and possibly even Tuesday haven’t been the most nutritional, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been healthy.  I talk a lot about balance here, balancing work and play, working out and work, healthy and not so healthy.  I also talk a lot about how healthy isn’t just about what I eat and how I work out.  Its about being happy, balanced (there’s that word…AGAIN) and making sure I’m giving all parts of my life their due focus.

This weekend I didn’t I had a makeup run scheduled and a long run scheduled. I got in my makeup run.  But not my long run.  But I did focus on something else for almost the entire Sunday.  I don’t talk about it a lot here, but believe it or not, Brandon and I are getting married NEXT WEEK! Its insane.  And yet, I don’t feel like the stressed out bride that I always thought I would be.  I’ve been very laid back (which can have its downside…i.e. forgetting when the rehearsal is supposed to start next Friday…oops).   Brandon, on the other hand has taken on more of the “bridezilla” personality and focusing on all of the minutia.  I felt pretty lousy about missing my long run this weekend, physically – but not mentally.

This morning, I skipped my run again and was hoping to get it in tonight.  But Brandon wants to go run wedding errands.  At first, I was pretty annoyed that he would expect me to give up a workout.  But then, I realized, I’d be pretty annoyed with him, if I thought he didn’t care about how the wedding turned out or not.  I still don’t want to stress out about it, but at the same time, I don’t want to prioritize something like a run over something like my wedding.

Lets be real here too.  There are other things going on in my life that don’t just include my training or wedding.  Work stuff is pretty stressful right now and I would LOVE to get it off my chest, once I’m able.  When it all adds up, sometimes there just doesn’t seem like enough hours in the day.

I’ve been working pretty hard on trying to figure out the best way to balance juggle all of these different aspects of my life, which is in and of itself, another aspect of being healthy.  Which in the end is what this blog was all about when I started.  I love working out and FOOD  and sharing those experiences and thoughts with you – but I’m human too!  Who would I be, to say that healthy doesn’t have a few moments of weakness 😉

BUT.  Healthy also means getting back on track.  I haven’t disillusioned myself enough to say that this is how its going to be. Ohhhh ho no.

1.  I went to Body pump yesterday morning and had a great lifting session.  I may have missed my run this morning and may not even get it in tonight.  I won’t stress about the training schedule for the next two weeks and count every workout that I DO get in from now until next Saturday as an awesome stress release.  I’m sure as heck going to TRY for them though 🙂

2.  I’m back to my water weekdays!  Even though its just a drink every couple of nights, I can really tell the difference with how I sleep and feel when I have alcohol during the week.  It makes that beer on Friday night that much better too! 🙂

3.  I’m back to 2 cups of coffee a day.  Last week, in addition to my indulgences with dinner, I gulped down more than my fair share of coffee.  Oops.  Dehydrated and shaky.  Not a good combo!

4.  2 + 3 = DRINK MORE WATER!  This is getting easier at night now that its been SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot lately, but I have to get back into drinking 1-2 Nalgenes a day.  I felt great when I did that.

5.  Dear greens.  I missed you last week.  I’m sorry.


A lot of living is about learning lessons. I’ve learned a few these past few weeks.  HOWEVER, they’re only effective if I act on them.





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