Taco night!

April 19, 2012

Sometimes, I can be a simple girl.


Like, taco night, kind of simple.

I have a lot of happy memories of taco nights with my family.  We were never soft taco kind of people.  Always the hardshells.  Simple, no fuss ingredients. Beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and taco sauce.

This time I made mine a little healthier with garden burger veggie grounds, subbed out the iceberg with some spinach, sprinkled on some Daiya cheese (Best Vegan cheese out there!) and added some sliced avocado.  I am WILD I tell ya.

When I was younger, I was amazed that my dad could a) hold a whole taco shell in his hand and seem to eat it without destroying the taco.  We remember weird things, no?  I, however, continue to have to make the requisite “My taco fell apart after the first bite…so i’m just gonna make a salad and pretend I meant for it to crumble in my hands”.  No taco night is complete without taco sauce dripping down your fingers!

Anyone else have meals that remind them of family dinners?


2 Responses to “Taco night!”

  1. trialsinfood Says:

    Those tacos look delish!

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