Breakfast switchup

April 24, 2012

Awhile back, I mentioned how a year ago, if you had told me I’d be eating, CRAVING breakfast every morning, I would’ve told you that was nuts.  Fast forward and I was busy telling you about how I was never going to eat anything other than oatmeal for breakfast for the rest of my life. Clearly an exaggeration, but honest – I ate oatmeal a lot for breakfasts.  Overnight oats, steel cut oats, baked oats. Yes yes and yes.  I could even get my diner fix in on the weekends with Oatmeal, sliced bananas and a dry English muffin with PB (and those leftover sliced bananas).

Sadly, now that the weather is starting to warm up a bit, my oatmeal tendencies are starting to wane.  That’s not to say I don’t still love a bowl of oatmeal, but my desire for a warm and dense heavy bowl of oatmeal in the morning isn’t quite as strong anymore.  The few times I’ve tried, I end up not finishing it and being satisfied with a piece of toast instead (also, not a bad option).   At the diner, that’s not so hard to accommodate, because I’ve been able to replace the oatmeal with some homefries and keep the English muffin w/ pb & bananas.  Still a pretty decent and filling breakfast.   The problem is, I can’t cook homefries in my rice cooker….and so I present to you – my new found favorite “will never any other breakfast for the rest of my life” breakfast…


If you guessed organic Fruit loops – you were so right.  Each morning I wake up and have a big ol’ bowl of Cascadian Farms Fruity-Os, or some ridiculous name similar to that.  There’s (sadly?) no sugar on the outside of these, but they are a fairly healthy and definitely tasty alternative to the Toucan Sam variety.  And with the added banana and raspberries, I haven’t missed the sweet sugar at all.  Best of all?  It keeps me full until at least mid to late morning.  Which is something I was pretty worried about missing.

 ever switch up your breakfasts based on seasons?


3 Responses to “Breakfast switchup”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    I eat way too much oatmeal and now I, too, am starting to crave other options. Your breakfast looks good and glad to hear you were still full. That’s always a concern for me too. Time for me to switch it up!

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