Heather’s Experience with Weight Watchers

May 2, 2012

Today I have a story for you from one of my best friends (and Bridesmaids!) Heather.  I’ve known her for literally all of my life and am so happy to be a part of this next and healthy phase of her life 🙂   I’ve asked Heather to share her recent experiences with Weight Watchers and how she’s been relearning about food.  Take a read!

I finally decided that I was not healthy where I was in life. I went from being a physically fit 130 lb. 22 year old to a 206.6 lb 27 year old. I started noticing the weight gain when I moved to North Carolina to be with my husband who is in the military. I did not know how to control it. I was sad that I moved away from my family and friends. I found comfort in all the delicious baked goods, and my nightly macaroni and cheese. I did not realize the impact my eating habits had on me until I was at the doctor one day for a fertility appointment. When the doctor told me in a stern voice, you need to lose weight”. Funny thing is he was not the first doctor to tell me that. I have heard that I needed to lose weight about 10 other times in the past 4 years. What took me to listen was trying to have a child and that one doctor who told me in a stern manner.

So my husband and I decided to lose weight together. We needed a program that would cater to both of us in our own ways. We can all say we will watch what we eat and exercise but, that really never happens. So I did some research on Weight Watchers. So we both signed up in February 2012.  I began with 31 daily points and 49 points plus (to be used whenever I wanted). I loved that I can still eat my macaroni and cheese, and my baked goods.  Since February 2012 we have changed a lot of our habits. We now go to a local supermarket every Saturday to pick up our fresh fruit and vegetables for the week. We will also peruse the seafood section for deals. We have been eating grilled shrimp and snow crab legs at least 2 times a month. Chicken is one of the main meats we eat. A salad has become a great lunch. We also measure out our food. Try it one time. Measure out 2 cups of pasta which for me was 11 points. It is actually a lot for me. I never eat 2 cups. But, measuring the food put things in perspective for me.

Fruit and vegetables are your friends on this program. If you are having a craving or feeling hungry have some carrots, celery. If you want a something to dip into it usually 2 tbsp. is a serving size for ranch dressing or other dressings and is 2-4 points depending on the dressing. Sometimes when you are out at a friend’s house or a restaurant you will have to estimate how many points something is.  When I am out to eat and I do not know what the points are for something I will go the safe route and order a house salad with dressing on the side. Then I will order a seasoned chicken dish or a seafood dish. My husband and I always make sure to ask the waiter or waitress for no butter on all the foods. One local steakhouse brushes butter on their steak. That butter on that steak can pack on about 2-4 points that I would rather use on a delicious chocolate pudding cup. When I know where I will be eating out I will go to the restaurant’s website and plan my meal out.

 At night time while watching TV I used to make a box of macaroni and cheese and eat it all. Now I eat plain popcorn or sprinkle it with some butter buds and sea salt. That is usually about 3 points. The macaroni and cheese is about 14-18 points. If I am craving chocolate I have one or two pieces of dove dark chocolates. The weight watchers products are also really tasty. I love the brownies. The Weight Watchers brownies usually take care of my cake craving.

Since being on Weight Watchers I have lost 15 lbs. It comes off about 1-3 lbs a week. So it is not a shock to your body and you keep it off longer. I feel fuller a lot fast, my portion sizes are smaller, I walk a lot faster, and my breathing is better. It was just a better decision to make health wise. 


Anyone else have experience with WW?  I’m so proud of Heather for making these changes in her life.  Healthy isn’t always easy – but its totally worth it. 


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