Is your gym schedule THIS crazy? :)

May 3, 2012

Everyone remembers my friend Lil, right?  Well, she is back! That’s right, double duty 🙂

I told you she was a gym crazy, right?  This girl SERIOUSLY puts my workout schedules to shame.  Personally, I’m a big fan of working out on my own and namely at home.  The hassle of getting my butt to the gym, when all it wants to do is stay at home after work is a personal hurdle of mine.  Although I will say that I love my gym and always leave a class feeling great afterwards.  Lil, is the opposite as you’ll soon find out.  Even though I TRIED to get her to share some pictures of all the different moves she does for the classes, she declined (next time), but she DID agree to talk about the crazy gym schedule she’s worked herself into.  Check it out.



Ok so another entry.  This one will be about my working out on my own versus the classes at the gym.  When the first treadmill my husband bought for me died from inactivity, he bought another one.  Why?  I didn’t want another treadmill.  He wanted the treadmill.  This purchase was before we joined the gym and I wanted an elliptical.  OK, so we ended up with an elliptical AND a treadmill.  They both are in my laundry room.  I worked out on my elliptical for a while, listening to my iPOD, but feeling isolated.  My family was in the living room watching tv while I was in my laundry room staring at the spot where the two walls meet.  Not fun at all.


Now as a member of Gold’s Gym, I have the option of working out on my own or attending classes.  It is such a difference.  My gym has a theater where they play different movies every day.  That is where I usually run on the treadmill, in the dark, listening to my iPOD and watching movie subtitles.  That is not my first option.  My first choice is the classes.  My absolute favorite class is Les Mills Body Attack.  Body Attack is a high intensity cardio class.  I started with Body Attack and it is still my favorite.  Body Attack is a 60 minute class with tons ‘o jumping jacks, squats, lunges, and pushups.  Your body definitely knows you mean business in that class.  All that work to “get ‘cha into those booty shorts” as the instructor, Jen, says.  Ha, yeah, booty shorts, that’s my goal. (Said in a sarcastic tone)   It is nice keeping up with all the young people in class.  What is even nicer is seeing that I can outlast the young people.  Who knew? 


I also take Body Pump and Body Step.  Body Pump is weight lifting while isolating different muscle groups.  It has given me awesome muscles and I have gotten several compliments on how good I look.  A woman asked me after Pump one day a few months ago if I did any additional workouts outside of classes.  She wanted to know how I got my arms to look like they do.  Until that point, I hadn’t realized that my arms had taken shape.  Sadly, I will have to miss one of my Pump classes this week but it is all good.  I know my muscles can use a rest every now and then. 


I also take Body Step, which is a step aerobics workout.  That class always gets me huffin’ and puffin’.  I have never been much of a dancer and some of step is like dancing.  It has taken me a few years to step out of my shell and be open to the idea of even swinging my hips in front of a mirror in the first row of class.  I do sashay and swing my arms, heck, sometimes I even sing.  I hardly think anyone would call my style “dancing” but it is all for the workout.  I am directionally challenged, turning left when the rest of the class is turning right, and I usually end up laughing about my mis-steps.  Once you realize that everyone misses a step or gets a move wrong, you are no longer self conscious about being off.   An important thing to remember is to be sure the step does not move as you are jumping on and around it.  Once, the class was doing a move that involved a stutter step, which is a step on the step followed by a step on the floor with the same leg, while hopping on the weight baring leg.  Yeah, it happened, the step got away from me and I slid across the floor on my butt as if I were sliding into third base.  The funny thing is that everyone around me noticed but the instructor didn’t.  It makes for a funny story. 


My gym recently started offering Body Combat on a regular basis.  I will check that one out next week.  I love attending the gym classes more than working out on my own.  I have a group of friends in those classes who keep me on track.  It is so much easier to go to the classes when you know your friends will be there.  It holds you accountable and you want to attend the classes.  The friends who come may not always be the same friends but I always know there will be someone I know at class.  I plan my evenings around what class is offered on which night.  I have been called a “gym rat”.  Not necessarily a bad thing, right?  At 45, I am in the best shape of my life.  It is never too late to start working out. 


See?  I told ya she was ca-ra-zy.  🙂  And for the record, I’ve seen those arms – they’re pretty stellar.  She’s kept the booty shorts under raps though…


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