May 7, 2012

Well folks, I am back.  😀 (cue grand entry music here).     Did everyone enjoy the guest posts?  I have a few ideas lined up that I think would be a great way to get outside voices on the blog a bit more – stay tuned for that! But for now, its just me – sadly, back from vacation. You’ll forgive me, I hope, if it takes awhile for me to get back into the swing of things.

For instance,

I wanted to get up this morning and make it in for my 6 AM Body Pump class.  That didn’t happen.  I was wide awake.  But just could not bring myself to get out of bed.  I figure easing myself back into a normal routine will be a little better for my sanity (and yours! No one likes a whiny blogger…)

We technically got back from our trip on Saturday, but didn’t get home to B’more until yesterday afternoon. Which left us with enough time to go grocery shopping and unpack a little bit, which was a great way to decompress.  If you know me at all, you know that I love to go grocery shopping.  While I realize that this makes me somewhat of an anomaly, it’s the truth!  So yesterday, despite the impending doom of Monday, I at least spent a happy afternoon, chopping and cutting fresh fruits and vegetables with the window open.  The great thing about vacations is that you (hopefully) have a clean and empty fridge to come home to.  Although our apartment is a train wreck right now, my fridge was bare and gave me a chance to organize my produce right away.  Nothing says summer like fresh fruit/veggies, the smell of basil and a cool breeze on a Sunday afternoon!  I’m already craving trips to the market, sundresses, simple and light meals and evening walks.  For some reason, warmer weather also tends to find me browsing through my favorite blogs more often than not which leads to a TON of DIY project ideas and shopping urges.   Since a new season is just around the corner and I’m technically starting a new phase in my life, I figured tonight would be a great time to re-evaluate my goals, wishes, plans, etc.

Training:  I’ve been thinking a lot about my training for the upcoming 10 miler and subsequent Full Marathon in the fall.  When training for the half marathon, I went full force into my workouts and focused on the food I was eating and the workouts I was getting in.   I’m finding now, that even though I still want to do really well on my next set of races and improve, my priorities are starting to change.  I’d much rather spend the summer evenings doing something other than jet off to a workout class and come back just in time to go to bed.  Clearly, I’ll need to adjust how I train, if I want to stay satisfied.

Food:  When we got home, it was W.A.R.M.  Sticky and warm, both promises of summer being just around the corner.  Open window weather is synonymous with light and easy meals.  I love throwing together light and fresh pasta dishes, or bean salads, and use a TON of lemon in my cooking.   We’re thinking about house hunting too, which has the tempting promise of summer grilling out back…  Although I don’t feel too worse for wear after my honeymoon, I am looking forward to getting back to our regularly scheduled kitchen program…

Projects:  Man, I never seem to get away from this goal.  I always have this huge list of “I want to get better at”, “I want to read”, “I want to do” that inevitably seems to get brushed aside for something more pressing.  I’m constantly improving my ability to take on more things and put less long term focus on one particular project, but it continues to be a work in progress…Now that the wedding is over (pout), I may try to find some more time to dust off that sewing machine (finally),  and have a few crochet projects I’m going to aim to start.  My goal is to not overwhelm myself and take on too many things, like normal.  If I stick to one major project a week/weekend, I think I’ll be a lot happier with the final outcome.   Not to mention have time and energy left to focus on reading, relaxing, training and working.  Yikes…

On top of all of that – I’ve just felt so motivated to be organized, more environmentally friendly and for lack of a better word, authentic lately.  I’m fighting the urge to re-read blogs and books that inspire me personally and hopefully I can find a way to reign it all in…

Am I the only one reevaluating their day-to-day priorities now that spring/summer is supposedly here??

 We took a TON of photos during our trip, but I haven’t gotten a chance to upload them all to the computer yet, patience! But for now, here’s a teaser of beautiful beautiful Canada. 

The American Falls



The Canadian Falls – both SO beautiful and POWERFUL.



The CN Tower in Toronto



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