What the doctor ordered

May 22, 2012

These days I’ve been pretty remiss about keeping ya’ll up to date on my training for the 10 miler coming up in (eep!) 3 weeks or so.

The good news is that i’ve been able to cross of my workout plans for the day/week in a steady manner.  The bad news? Is that I feel like there is 0 improvement going on right now.  Its pretty frustrating.  Lets explore, shall we?

Lifting:  I go to my body pump class twice a week.  After taking just a week off, I feel weak, tired and scared I won’t get through a track at a higher weight.  Nevermind the fact that stopping to take a breather while lifting is allowed and totally ok.  Nono, I go by personal guilt.  SO mentally, that’s on me.  But PHYSICALLY, i’m baffled as to why i’m not doing as well as I want.  I’m considering adding in a day of heavier lifting in the middle of the week to work on building muscle mass.  Oh yeah…and getting over that scared thing.

Running:  In the past two weeks, I’ve had 1 two mile and 1 five mile run on the books.  Then a long run for each Sunday, one topped out at 6 miles and yesterday’s was right around 8 (and if you’re following along, yes, that does mean I went for a trail RIDE yesterday on my bike and THEN a long run – bad move).  Here’s what I can tell you about my runs.  They’re outside, they’re hilly and they’re currently pretty dang hot.  Even running after work in the evening they can get warm.  I feel heavy, slow and not smooth in my stride at ALL.  There’s also this new little annoying tidbit i’ve picked up, where I get some pretty wicked stomach pains after my run and especially after my long run.    Again.  WHAT GIVES?   Am I not eating the right foods?  Lacking in one particular vitamin or mineral?  Getting enough sleep?  Challenging myself enough?? Hydrated?

After a particularly grueling run on Sunday, I’ve come to the following conclusions and promises to myself:

1.  No more running mid day when its so warm and sunny out.

2.  Start taking a multi vitamin regularly (again).  I eat pretty healthy, but no one is perfect!

3.  Sleep better?  I would say sleep more, but that’s really hard for me to do.  I like living my day, which makes it pretty hard to go to bed at 9 pm.

4.  Eat better.  Like I said, although I eat pretty healthy already,  I’ve been a little lax lately.  So my goal for the next week is to eat as clean a diet as possible.

5.  Challenge myself:  Working out is funny, in that you get out of it, what you put into  it.  If i’m not seeing results at least SOME of that, is on me.  If I want to get better at running – I need to push on my speed intervals, run in the AM and focus on my stride.  If I want to get stronger – I need to up the weight, grit my teeth and work through the sweat and fatigue.  That’s the other really great thing about working out – more often than not, the discomfort is temporary.

All of these goals are great, but they don’t change the fact that when you feel crummy, you feel crummy! And yesterday, I felt anything BUT awesome after my long run on Sunday.   After struggling through the day, I was extremely glad to get home and eat some healthy comfort food.   I adapted the recipe from Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Diet – using her Hearty Pinto bean stew as a base.

The recipe called for tomato soup as the stock for the bean stew, but since I couldn’t find any Vegan options, I winged (wung?) it and used some canned Tomato sauce and Nutritional yeast, keeping the rest of the add ins the same.   I took Alicia’s cues for this being a sort’ve grown up “franks n’ beans” recipe and added in some Veggie Italian sausages for fun.

Brandon was content with mixing the beans and sausages together as they were, but I was looking for something just a tad more substantial.  So instead of letting the two fly solo, I popped some Red Quinoa into my beloved rice maker and mixed in some of the sauce to keep it from getting too dried out – and topped the quinoa with my sausage and bean stew mix.

Hearty, healthy and comforting.  Just what the doctor ordered…


ps – I like to pair my grown up, vegetarian Franks n’ beans with a lovely juice and club soda mix.   In a wine glass.  Because I’m keep in classy up in here.



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