Hitting the reset button

May 23, 2012

After yesterday’s pity party – I decided that some rest was definitely in order for a few days.  Give my body a chance to reset.  I ask a heck of a lot and in most cases it responds pretty well.  Sometimes, it doesn’t  – which is where I need to step up and be the better man me.

That’s why, when Brandon suggested we go to the Orioles game for the cheapie Tuesday night tickets, I opted to bench my scheduled run and enjoy a night off instead.   As a Vegetarian/(sometimes Vegan) fan, baseball games can be a little tricky to maneuver.  Its definitely a lot easier to grab a hot dog and a beer before heading to your seat.   Sometimes the stadiums have some veggie friendly options, but right now Camden Yards has the one place it sold Veggie dogs/burgers closed for renovations 😦  So, I knew I’d be in for a pretty carb heavy night.  Its a good thing I stick to mostly Salads, veggies and fruit during the day.

Bohs and a soft pretzel to start

One of our tricks for trying to stay somewhat within reason was to split our food, instead of spending money on two of everything.  Although we splurged on the Natty Bohs 😉  For our main course we had some french fries (with tons of ketchup and some old bay) and the Nachos – cheese for him, salsa for me.

The O’s ended up winning the game – even though we have fun no matter what the outcome, its always nice to see the home team win!

Although it was a totally necessary and great way to get some rest, i’m quickly realizing that the rest of my week isn’t looking altogether workout friendly.   We’re heading away for the Memorial day weekend and i’m in charge of some desserts for a hungry group of guys.  I debated a run tonight instead of Yoga, and although I feel a ton better and strong, I nixed both options in favor of getting some things taken care of around the apartment and kitchen that would otherwise be weighing on my mind.  I’m trying to think of this training thing as more of a big picture goal for the Marathon in October, rather than training specifically for this 10 miler in a few weeks.  Although I’d really like to do well, I think its important to remember its just a race in place of a long run for the weekend as I train for a larger goal.    I still may try to get some lifting and semi cardio exercises in to get my heart rate up, especially since I know not much in the way of exercising will be going on this weekend…

Also, a big welcome home to fellow Bal’mer blogger, Jenny over at http://loveeatrun.com/.   If you get the chance, pop on over to see about her experiences in Korea and check out her daily workouts/eats! She puts my training schedule to SHAME.  Also, i’m pretty sure she has the world’s cutest dog.

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!


One Response to “Hitting the reset button”

  1. Jenny Says:

    For some reason, I just saw this shout out from over a year ago! So a very belated thanks for the welcome home!!!

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