Written in defiance

May 25, 2012

This past week has been a week full of bad days, bad moods, excuses, laziness, and very.few.smiles.  All of which resulted in a mini-internal meltdown last night.  Its so easy to look back on a day of the week after the fact and think “oh, I guess maybe it really wasn’t that bad”, but it doesn’t help when you’re in the moment.  Things that do help?  Some honest self-reflection, a supportive husband, friends who are willing to talk you out of your “man face” rant (don’t ask) and a random pre-lunch tofu spring wrap date (thanks Lil!)   Without getting too far back into what has seemed like a never ending laundry list of “this is why I feel miserable lately” posts, last night was a great way to realize how important these workouts truly are for me, rekindle my love of fresh and healthy cooking and to relearn those mental connections of “what you eat affects how you feel” “how you feel is directly related to how you treat your body”.

And now, we are staring a 3 day Holiday weekend in the face.  I’m planning on a trip up north to a cabin in PA with our amazing friends.  There are plans for a hike, a trail ride on the bikes and being genuinely happy to be surrounded by such wonderful people.  So even though I may not be getting in my weekend long run (its all good, my 8 miler last weekend put me a week ahead distance wise), I’ll still be getting in lots of activity.  If that doesn’t sound like a great way to remember why I love being so active and in shape, I don’t know what does J  I’ll be the only Vegetarian there, so cooking should be a treat…but I’m determined to make it work and come back proud of having had an enjoyable but healthy holiday break!

Before we all head off, I thought a great way to end a not so fun week, would be to list a few things that make me happy, as a reminder that not everything has to be so negative! 🙂 Here we go:

  1.  Early AM workouts.  Love love LOVE the shaky muscle feeling after a good Body Pump session in the AM.  I feel like the instructors are my (unknownst to them) bffs.  Its hard work getting out of bed at 5, but its worth it.


Post workout, feelin good!
  1.  This book.  I picked this gem up at a book sale for like, a buck.  It has been such an enjoyable read.  I never knew much about Katharine Hepburn and have sadly yet to see any of her movies, but you better believe Philadelphia Story and The African Queen are now on the top of my list!  I’m currently obsessed!
  1. This summery pasta dish with beans, tomatoes, asparagus, garlic, a little olive oil and lemon juice.  So simple, but so so so good.


  1. Friday morning breakfasts. Enjoyed during those rare few moments of quiet at work.

    Coffee and a homemade Vegan Scone! YUM.

  1. And this guy. 1 of 2 from our dynamic furry duo. That’s his early morning face.

Your turn!  Dare ya to defy your bad mood, day or week and come up with somethings that make you smile.  Care to share?

With that, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from my new obsession:

“Never complain, never explain”

~Katharine Hepburn

Happy Memorial Day weekend ya’ll!


One Response to “Written in defiance”

  1. Mike Says:

    The best revenge for a lousy week is a great weekend!

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