Midweek motivation

May 30, 2012

I love me some inspiration when it comes to working out and eating right.  Whether its spending an afternoon trolling the pinterest boards for motivational fitness quotes, my daily reads for lifestyle motivation, cookbooks, you name it.  If its going to get me motivated to be a better version of me, I’m all for it!!

Confession:  I am a sucker for those weight loss inspiration stories you see on all of the magazine and fitness websites.  I love to read about how every day people get their lives back and the stories that go along with it.  Although I’m fairly healthy and in shape, I get a lot of my motivation through stories like these and use them to help push me through slumps in my exercise routine.

Take for instance this article by Self magazine.  Everyday women who decided to change how they were living and finding ways to beat the odds.  If you click through it, this article had some great quotes or tips, like writing a note to your “evening self”, reminding yourself how great you felt after a morning workout as motivation to keep healthy for the rest of the day and for round 2 of those early AM workouts.

I also really liked the statement by one of the interviewees that “the diets were working, but I wasn’t”.  Just a simple, but effective reminder that a healthy lifestyle means you keep making the right decisions, even after you reach your goals, so that way you don’t find yourself starting back at ground zero.

As for my own workouts and healthy habits, I was hoping to use this past weekend as a way to reset my mood towards exercising.  Lately the running has been a serious struggle, with the combination of running outside in the heat and hills.   I’m trying to get most of my workout runs in outside, to get used to the humidity and temperatures, not to mention enjoy some of the summer weather we’re starting to get.  After a week of no dedicated cardio, I was ready to try my hand at it again last night.


Last night I went for my first run of the week, but with the 90+ temps, I didn’t have a set distance in mind.  Ideally I would’ve gotten in my longer training run, but if the heat proved to be too much, I could always pack it in at 3 miles.  I ended up with a 5.5 mile run, having had it cut short by the storms that were rolling through.  The run started off great and I had a good and consistent 9:30 pace going, which is good for my outdoor pace, especially with the rolling hills.  But somewhere around mile 3.5-4 my legs started to give out and my stomach started to fight back.  I slipped in two walking breaks to recalibrate and sip some water, which I eventually just gave up with and dumped over my head.    Although I was frustrated with the “just about made it” distance and the walking breaks,  I’m trying to walk away from the run looking at the positive of it and some areas that I can focus on for improvement.

–          If I don’t focus on speed, I tend to not fiddle around with my stride as much.  It was semi-enjoyable to just get out there and run, rather than beat a PR time.

–          I got OUT there, and I was motivated to do get out there.   I’m slowly starting to get my training edge back.  My sights are starting to focus on that bucket list marathon.

–          Areas I can focus on?  Revamping the route.   I’m starting to dread different parts of my local haunts when I run, so switching it up may help to spark my interests.  Also, regaining the strength in my core and leg muscles.  Body pump is great for this, but it also has me motivated to get back into some heavier lifting during the week to compliment.

The Eats:

I topped off my healthy night with a nice and lite healthy dinner after my run.  We haven’t been eating as many fresh veggies and fruit that I’d like to for dinner lately, but the good news is that summer is a great time to get that started.  Hellooooo Farmers Market!   For last night’s dinner we had a simple spinach salad with apples, craisins, pumpkin & chia seeds, some Daiya cheese for me (Swiss for the mister) and Lemon poppy seed dressing – with some leftover corn on the cob from the weekend, reheated in the grill pan.  Add some fresh grapes and you have yourself a tasty and fresh dinner, that won’t offset the workout!

That’s my kinda meal.

With an evening like that under my belt, I woke up fresh and ON TIME this morning, for the first time in a long time – ready for the day! Can’t wait to keep it going with healthy snacks (like a tasty green smoothie this afternoon -(Chocolate Almond milk is the BEST) and some yoga in the evening 🙂

Here’s to healthy restarts!


2 Responses to “Midweek motivation”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    Everytime I watch shows like the Biggest Loser…I want to eat sweets…I want to be more like you and get inspired!

  2. […] also read the other day that I think I need to work on my core strength in order to get stronger and better at running.   So I proposed a challenge to myself and of […]

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