What a Weekend!

June 4, 2012

My weekend was even more awesome than these pictures would lead you to believe.    After having more than our fair share of busy weekends, we opted to spend Saturday at HOME.  We didn’t run errands, we didn’t go ride the trails, in fact, we had a grand total of two excursions outside of our apartment yesterday afternoon.  First,  a walk to the “Haute Dog” guy, who is one of our favorite lunch time stops – and the walk was a nice way to mix up our usual “pop in on our way to or from the grocery store”.  Second?  A trip to a local grocery store while B got his hair cut.  I’m bad at these “i’ll just run in for 2 things” grocery trips.  I went in for some silken tofu for a dessert I am excited to try/share and some cheese for Brandon.   I came out with the tofu and cheese, plus some kumquats, bittersweet chocolate chips, falafel chips and some golden beets.   Oops…

Suffice to say, with B’s brewing and my reading Julia Child’s memoir, (My Life in France) our kitchen has seen a lot of action this weekend.   Baking + wine?  Win.

Our Sunday, was arguably even better than our Saturday.  We fiiiiiinally hit up our local Farmers Market.  We got quite the haul, which included FRESH SWEET PEAS, a grand total of 1-4 weeks old, for $3.50/lb – sounds like a steal to me!   We also found the Vegan bakery and some coffee (iced for me!) to help shake off those early AM cobwebs.   We were able to knock out a good part of our grocery list at the market, so the grocery store was a breeze (except for being sold out of tofu – seriously?).  There is is something so magical about spending a summery sunday morning with the windows open, washing and prepping fruits and veggies for the week.  It feels so awesome to know that i’ve supported the local farmers AND our bodies/health with all of the fresh produce we picked up.    I’ve also planted some of my own seeds/seedlings – so hopefully I can enjoy some of my own veggies sometime this summer also 🙂  Although my “green thumb” is not exactly world renowned…

I think maybe one of my favorite and most proud moments of the weekend though, is my long run.  Because I’ve mentally started my marathon training – I thought it’d be fun to do little weekly recaps.  So here goes installment #1! 🙂

Marathony Mondays

This past week I got “back on track” after my week off from running the week before.  I still felt like I was fighting muscle fatigue, tricky stomach issues, the hills and the HEAT.  I had three training runs planned and two days of cross training, in the form of Yoga and Lifting.   I also developed a challenge to work on my core everyday  for the month of June.

Core work:  I was a good girl and did my planks/hovers and crunches each night, switching up the variations and getting in some good and tiring core work every night since Wednesday.  Fingers crossed it’ll start to show and help!

Lifting:  As of Friday morning, I’m finally back up to my pre-wedding body pump weights and even upped my weight for the chest and bicep tracks.   I definitely felt it the next morning, but that kind of a sore, is a great kind of sore.

Yoga:  I love me some Namaste, but lately i’ve been struggling to clear my mind enough to use Yoga for some inner focus, as well as some great stretching.  Of course though, even when I have my own doubts about how effective my practice has been, our instructor came up with some timely words of encouragement and support.  Its amazing, isn’t it – how sometimes you always hear the exact words you need to hear – right when you need to hear them?

Running: For my first two runs, I definitely continued to struggle.  I’m relearning my running routine and a quick snack before a 5-6 miler, is NOT part of it.  I also decided that instead of worrying about getting faster,  I was just going to worry about getting in my miles.  The paces will come.  This doesn’t mean I plan on not pushing myself, but to begin to enjoy running again.  It seemed to help for my second run of the week, close to 4 miles on Thursday.   The hills were slowly starting to feel a little easier.    But the peak of the week  – and the true test, is the long runs on the weekend.  I’ve always read, that one of the most important parts of training for longer distances, is to try as HARD as you can, to get in as many long runs as possible.  These are high in mileage and slooooooooooooooow.

The last long run I attempted (about 8 miles), was so uncomfortable, it prompted me to take a short hiatus from training to regroup.  After thinking it over, I decided that diet, core and repetition was to blame.   For some reason, completely unrelated to the bad runs I’ve had, long runs are so daunting to me.   The idea of setting out for a few hours, constantly running, and the sheer number of miles (ok, now I know I sound like a wimp…) leave me scared.  Scared of what?  Who knows – probably the idea of not making it.  But lately I’ve been reminding myself that it is ok to take a walking break when its needed, its the mileage  and effort that counts.  It would be a ridicluous expectation to be able to run every run without ever having to stop.  Its also hard for me to give up my weekend hours.  Despite the promise of a cooler run, I have finally realized that I cannot and will not give up my weekend mornings.  We sleep in (sort’ve, all this really means is that we’re out of bed by 7 or 8). We enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee or two and some breakfast.  On Sundays, we go to market and/or the grocery store and as mentioned before, prepping and storing all of the food we’ve bought for the week is a soothing, personal “me” time, that leaves me feeling happy, at peace and prepared for the upcoming week.   All of these things are important to my mental health and have just an important of a place in my life as running.  But, running is important too.  Which means, despite those aforementioned fears, I need to find ways to get out and on the road.  So this weekend, after my Sunday morning rituals, Brandon was out for some errands and I literally had nothing keeping me indoors.   I laced up and headed out.  This time with a slightly empty stomach and a new route in mind.  To put a final underline on my new goal for runs, I left my watch and music at home.  I was going for this run for ME and for the sake of running.  I stuck to the mapped out course, but let my mood dictate which direction I took.  No tunes, no times, just me and the road and the amazing weather.  The new scenes had me halfway through my run before I knew it and I appreciated the familiar territory at the end of the run, so I had some idea of what was left to run.  When it was all said and done, I had the run I so desperately needed.  A FEEL GOOD long run.   The pace was however fast or slow I felt like running, the hills were taken one step at a time and my mind wandered, it thought and sometimes it just was quiet.    A little over 9 miles and I felt AMAZING.  Although, I have never wanted a glass of Orange Juice so badly in my entire life – weird, no?   I’ll take weird though, for feeling as amazing as I did after that run.

Food: I’ve made a special effort to be conscious of the food I’m cooking and eating these days.  Its no secret that what we eat can have a serious impact on how we feel and function.  I don’t think I eat unhealthy, but I definitely feel better when i’m really thinking about it.  I’m trying to make sure I get greens in one form or other every day.   I’m also trying to cut back on sweets and bring my snacks back to fruits and veggies rather than a snack bar or a piece of dark chocolate.  Not that these things are bad for us, but they shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence for me.    I’m also making sure our dinners have more emphasis on veggies than on “easy”.  Summer is a great time for BBQ foods and sandwiches, especially since the warmer weather has me shying away from the stove and oven.  But that can lead to a dangerous phase of eating foods that would be better kept as treats for an afternoon BBQ with friends 🙂  And finally, TOFU.  Tofu and I work reaaaaaaaaaaaaally well together and I’m not sure if its all mental, but I just feel BETTER when I have tofu 1-2 times a week.  Because I really don’t eat soy in any other form (milk, yogurt, etc),  I’m pretty comfortable with the amount of soy in my diet to indulge in the tofu every couple of nights.    Yum! 🙂


So there you have it, a happy, healthy weekend all around! 🙂  Cats, Coffee, Cooking, Reading, Relaxing, Running – some of the things I love the most, all in two tiny days 🙂

And now, it is Monday! Despite being tired from my run yesterday (and a later bedtime than I should have…), I snuck into my 6 AM body pump class for my Monday morning lifting routine.  It felt great, but i’m glad my workouts are done for the day!

Is it the weekend yet??

How was your weekend?? Did you get your core work in? What changes are you making to make your life better and more fulfilling??


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