Goals, part II

June 5, 2012

Last week, I started talking a bit about some of the personal goals and challenges I’d like to take on for the month of June.

We left off with my taking a Personal Finance class online and incorporating some new strategies for my running, like core work and new routes.  I’ve been getting my ab workouts in every day since making that challenge so far!  I have to say, making my challenges public has really helped me to stick with them (thanks guys!).

But I alluded that there were more challenges I wanted to make, so I present to you:  Challenges for June, part II.  Now, one of my biggest problems is that I create too many goals for myself at one time and end up being pretty angry at myself for not accomplishing them all! So my first and BIGGEST goal for June, is to create a reasonable list of goals. Tangible outcomes that I can gauge my  improvements by.

1. See above

2. Out to eat:  Ok, so this may seem like a weird goal, but hear me out.  When I’m out to eat, most times I just order my standbys.  Things I know I like.  Veggie burger and fries, usually (sometimes that’s all a girl can get! Help a Veggie out, will ya??).  But I hear and read about people who go out and order things they never cook at home!   And then, shocking, they come home and try to recreate them and add more to their arsenal of recipes…Well THERE’S a concept.   I’ve been lamenting these past few months about not getting creative enough in the kitchen and feeling stale.  All the while, there is a perfectly reasonable way to solve the problem!  Not to mention, a lot of these people that I envy, have their tried and true recipes online.  Time for me to get crack-a-lackin’ a branch out from my standbys.  If I taste (or in this case, see) something I’m in the mood for, i’m going to try and recreate it at home!  Likes these:  Vanilla cupcakes filled with chocolate mousse and a buttercream icing – Vegan style.

I snuck into a Cupcakery this weekend to see if they were carrying any of their Vegan goodies, which sadly, they weren’t.  But while I was there, the lady behind the counter rattled off the different flavors they had for the day – and this was one of them!  So I decided to come home and make my own version.  They’re delicious.  But the texture isn’t quite there yet for sharing.  You can see that they almost look uncooked in the center.  But while they may not look EXACTLY like a cupcake yet, they sure do taste delicious.  I made a batch and froze the rest to sneak as treats throughout the summer.  But I am definitely going to work on this one – any tips from some Vegan Bakers out there??

3.  Alarm Clock:  errrrm…yeah.  I hit snooze. A LOT.  Which is so bad.  I wake up feeling groggy and not with it.  Rush around for the morning and never quite feel like i’ve caught up with the day.  I’d like to make it my goal, to get up within 10 minutes of my alarm clock.  Or is that too forgiving?  Get up WITH the alarm clock?  Hmmm…

4. Project a Week: One of the direct consequences of having too many goals, is to never finish the ones I start.  I have a crochet market bag that is just waiting to have handles put on it, and a healthy supply of bitters ingredients that are making better dust collectors than cocktail additions.  Not to mention a list of things I’d like to get done for the blog, or for other things.  I want to pick 1 or 2 small projects a week and plan to work on them during the week or on the weekend.  Helping to feel accomplished, but never overwhelmed.

All of these, not to mention my normal every day “BE BETTER! DO BETTER! GET BETTER!” screamings.  Man, that’s a lot of “you’re not good enough”s.  Hmmm….time to take this a step further.  I’ve listed three things here that I feel like I can improve on and two from before.  That’s five “you’re not good enoughs” total.  Sounds to me like five “this is what I AM good at”s are in order, no?

1.  I AM good at making myself go out for a run, or to my gym classes – even if I’m not initially in the mood for it.  I have a marathon goal and I aim to keep it!

2.  I AM good at creating healthy and tasty dinners, that even my meat-a-tarian Husband enjoys on a nightly basis.

3.  I AM persistent.  Whether its at work, at home, working out.  I take a bad situation and try my hardest to work through it.

4.  I AM healthy.   I’ve taken great steps to improve my physical and mental health in this past year and can’t wait to see what another year will do for me 🙂

5.  I AM loving my dietary choices.  Ever since becoming a Vegetarian and incorporating more and more Vegan meals and choices into my daily routine, I have just.felt.happy.


There.  Now that’s better.  🙂

Here’s to Tuesday!


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  1. mydearbakes Says:

    Great post, interesting read =)

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