Richmond Recap

June 11, 2012

This weekend, Brandon and I snuck down to Richmond to visit with my brother and a long time family friend and her husband for a “lobster fest” kind of night.  We used to go to Maine every summer and lobster was a big part of our lives, so we’re trying to keep the tradition alive and stay in touch all at the same time!

Before the festivities began, I somehow managed to convince my brother to sign up last minute for a 5k race on Saturday  morning, Abby’s Race for Hope 5k.   Although it was  PR for me, running just under a 9 minute mile on average, the star of the morning was my brother.  I cannot explain how proud I am of him, for getting out there and pushing himself past his comfort zone (metaphorically AND literally!).  It was pushing the mid to upper 80s by the time our race was finished, so the conditions were not altogether ideal (check out that sweat!) – but its amazing how quickly that pain goes away once you’re done.  Nik did a GREAT job and destroyed his goal time of a 40 minute run/walk with a 34 minute MOSTLY running 5k.  I’m hoping to rope him into writing a recap for ya’ll so you can get an idea of how the race went (and how persistently annoying I was) from his perspective (hint hint, Nik).

We celebrated our run by letting me run wild at the bulk food section where I restocked on some of our grains and seeds, but snapped up some newbies, like wheatberries, wheat grass and Maca powders, plus some hulled hemp seed.  These babies are some serious nutrition powerhouses, I’m pretty excited to try them out!  Our friend Heather (you can read her guest post on weight watchers here ) and her husband showed up right around dinner time and even though I didn’t partake in the lobster, I managed to keep with them theme, modifying my zucchini crab cakes with some lobster mushrooms – which I’ll post about later this week!  They were deeeeeeeeelish and everyone who tried them agreed.    Just another way us veggies can enjoy an evening with the rest of the gang and not miss out on the food and fun!

As you can see, I did not go home hungry.

We topped off the night with a quick jaunt to Carytown for some icecream, where I learned that Sherbert is in fact, milk based.  Learn something new every day, eh?  Sortbets for this gal from here on out!

Sunday was spent relaxing and I got to try some Vegan French toast from a cute café in Richmond called Harrison Street Café.  My meal was delicious and 100% hit the spot for something sweet for brunch.  I also nabbed a bite from my brother’s Vegan Gyro, and it was equally as delicious.  Mark that as two recipes I am itchin’ to recreate.   A great weekend all around!

And now, for installment #2 of Marathon Mondays (catch up with the first installment here)

Cardio:  I slacked this week, guys.  I had the opportunity to shift my running schedule around a bit this past week and I took advantage of that opportunity.  I’m pretty glad about that, because my body was definitely send me “must rest” signals.   Even though I had a great 3 mile run on Wednesday, I chose to listen to my body for the rest of the week – even though it meant missing a 6 mile training run and not having a long run this past weekend.  I did get in a nice 3 mile race though, so I was still moving – just not in the same distances.  I’m hoping to pick the pace back up this week, even though they’re two smaller taper runs to keep my legs rested for the 10 miler this weekend.

Cross Training & Core work:  Lets start with the good news – I managed to sneak in some core work every day this past week, except for Friday and Saturday.  I’m pumped to have a solid week of core work each night this week though – stay tuned for that! I got in a day of lifting, but like I mentioned above, life and my body got in the way for the rest of the week.  I had to miss out on Yoga because of a meeting we had and I just wasn’t into Body pump on Friday morning.  Sad, but true.  This morning though, I was up and at’em, loving every minute of it!  Guess this just goes to show that there are up weeks and down weeks when it comes to training.

Food:  I tried to make sure I had greens at least once every day this week – either through my smoothie, salads for lunch or dinners.  On Friday I tripled up with a Green Smoothie for breakfast (kale!), a salad for lunch and THIS behemoth of a salad on Friday night.

This baby kept me full straight through our drive to Richmond and then some.

I also made a conscious effort to cut back on the sweets, opting for fruit to get my sugar kick rather than a piece of chocolate.  My “official” training for the marathon will start truly truly after my race this weekend, but I figure, if I never stop, I won’t have to restart 🙂

Is it Friday yet?


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