Friday! We Made it! :)

June 15, 2012

1.  I have security guards telling me “everything is going to be ok in the end” and homeless people asking if I can spare them a smile and not my money?   Apparently I look ridiculously miserable when I am out and about.  Despite my annoyingly amazingly good mood yesterday.  Ponder.

2.  I made this for dinner on Wednesday night, but was so excited to tell you about what I learned, that I didn’t get a chance to share it with you.  I’ve been cooking sans menu this week (GASP) and coming up with meals on the fly (aka, in my head during the work day, because I always think about food, duh).  Aside from the hotdog flop (new dance move?) I’ve enjoyed and have been proud of everything I put on the table for dinner this week.   What you see here is a delicious veggie and tofu curry with BANANAS.  WHAT????  So good.   Sort’ve like pineapple in stir fry. Only its BANANAS.  In curry.

3.  My 10 miler is this weekend and I am a) scared and b) think that my tight hamstrings may have something to do with this .  Quad dominance.  Time for more stretching!

4.  Speaking of the 10 miler, my day yesterday was pretty awesome.  For more than one reason, but one of my favorite reasons is meeting a new (hopefully) friend, who just happens to be running the same race I am on Saturday morning.  We’re going to meet up at the pace group and run together for a bit.  Real live people!  Whoa.

5.  Another reason my day was awesome yesterday?  Tofu snack wrap date with the original Hopkins Friend 🙂

6.  And finally, allow me to share a fun site with you.  I may be slow on this, if I am, don’t tell me – but this is such a fun site, putting a smiley twist on fitness news.

And with that, my friends – I am off to walk that fine line between not looking sad and not looking cray cray and try to smile everywhere I go, get my butt through the day and have a fabulous weekend.  The inlaws are in town and we have plans to see some super tall sailboats.  🙂

But first – my Friday morning scone.  Because sometimes, life is just about the little things. 🙂


ps:  Its summer, which means SUNSCREEN time, ladies (and gents).  Just read this interesting post about what sunscreens may or may not be safest for you, chemical wise.  Get on that!

4 Responses to “Friday! We Made it! :)”

  1. Briana Says:

    Thanks for sharing Blisstree! We ❤ new readers; so happy you found us.

  2. Dalai Lina Says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the connection 🙂 Also, bananas and curry sound AMAZING!

    • krhtoday Says:

      Happy to do it! It was a great article, i’ve already printed the article out for future reference 🙂 Let me know if you try the combo! Its delish 🙂

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