The Traveling Vegetarian

June 28, 2012


The husband and I are heading out for our annual trip to St. Louis, complete with 5 glorious days of baseball.  Brandon grew up cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals and while we both enjoy cheering for the home team here in Bal’mer, his heart will always be with the St. Louis teams.  So I’ve packed up my requisite Birds gear (the red stuff, not the orange, check), the spf gazillion (its supposed to be H.O.T.) and we’re just about ready to go!

Vacations have a way of destroying an healthy routine we’ve got going on.  I’m all for splurging, especially when you’re away, but its a whole new ballgame (no pun intended) when you have any dietary restrictions, self-imposed or otherwise.  Now, I love our family vacations, but St. Louis is not exactly known for its vegetarian/vegan friendly meals and with 100+ degree temps predicted for the duration of our stay, running outside isn’t exactly in the cards either.  So i’ve put together a little survival guide.


We’ll be driving out to St. Louis, starting tonight – which means I can get in a good hearty and filling dinner tonight before we go.  I’m planning on making a Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili in a Bread bowl.  I know I know, its hot out, but something about a warm meal is a little more satisfying, than a cold one, especially for those of us taking the first leg of the driving trip -raises hand-.  I’ve never tried a bread bowl before, so I’m hoping it’ll a) go well and b) add just enough carbs to the dish to help us feel full.

For the rest of the drive we have some snacks packed along to help us stay awake and satisfy any of those munchies we’ll get during the drive.  We’re really trying to save money, so whatever we can do to cut costs while on the trip is a-ok with us! Growing up, we used to make the long drive up to Maine and we’d pack full lunches in coolers, grapes, cheese, veggies and sandwiches.  Since we’re driving through the night, our meals won’t be nearly as extensive, but we’ll still have a sandwich for the mister and a green smoothie for me.  Some hard candy, veggies and chips to top it off and of course, two big Nalgene jugs of water.  I think i’ll throw in two of my Chocolate Chip Scones too, that way we’ll only have to stop for coffee if we decide we don’t want a big diner breakfast in the morning.   I also made some quick energy bars for our bike rides, which will be great to throw in my purse and carry with me in case I get caught without

Its easy to control what we eat when I’m packing the food, the hard part is when we get into St. Louis itself.  I know from my most recent trip out there that the tendency is to throw cheese or butter on anything that remotely resembles a vegetable.  Luckily, i’m getting a lot more comfortable at asking for orders to be modified.   And I have two other tricks up my sleeve.  Take a look! :  This website is great! It allows you to search by city and identifies a number of vegetarian, vegan, as well as veggie/vegan friendly restaurants and markets.  Not only can it help you find some great new restaurants, but remind you of things you’d like to do while you’re out and about! For instance, who knew that the Schafly brewery had some veggie/veganizable options available.  Brewery tour, beer and a pub lunch sounds right up our alley. :  Next up!  We’re obviously a baseball loving family.  We hit up Camden Yards whenever we can, make it out to Busch Stadium at least once a year and even find ourselves down in DC to watch the Nationals play every now and again. Unfortunately, stadiums are not always the best place to find some vegetarian options.  And who wants to eat a salad while everyone else is chowing down on a hot dog?!  This website is a great resource for sports loving veggies everywhere.  You can search by team (for both baseball and Football, I believe they’re working on NBA as well), and check out any options at the stadium ahead of time!   The site is really great in that it lists which of the veggie dogs/burgers/chicken patties are vegan or not (you’d be surprised how many arenot!).  Lucky for me, the Cardinals have more than a few awesome selections to choose from.

Does anyone else from the area have any suggestions??


I’ll be the first to admit that exercise is the LAST thing on my mind when I travel.  But i’m also willing to admit, that maybe – JUST MAYBE it needs to happen.  Maybe.  ugh.  So here’s what I’m planning on doing.

bike rides:  One of the reasonss we’re driving out this year, is so that Brandon and I can have our bikes and take one or two trail rides while we’re away.  Since its going to be so hot, we’ll probably keep these to a minimum and enjoy them earlier in the day, but its still a great way to get a workout in.

treadmill:  Since the start of summer I’ve been avoiding the treadmill lik ehte plague.  But with the temps as high as they’re going to be, running outside is not a viable option for me.  Neither is running longer distances on a treadmill, it IS vacation afterall.  So I plan to get in some speed work.  Keep the distances short, but the pace fast.  I haven’t done a speed interval workout in a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng time and I think if I start to incorporate them back into my training, i’ll definitely see an improvement in my endurance and times.

strength:  I’m no stranger to the weight room and I’ll be missing two of my body pump classes while i’m away.  So I’m definitely hoping to get in some lifting sessions to keep up to speed and not fall too far behind again.  Its also pretty easy to bang out some yoga and strength training moves while chilling out in the hotel room using just my body weight.  Pushups, lunges, burbpees, dips…

Plus, lets not forget, we never tend to stay in one spot for very long, so we’ll be doing a ton of walking while we’re out and about.  Water bottle in hand, of course 😉

How do you stay in shape when you’re traveling?  Do you make it work or don’t even bother?

I have a few fun cooking posts lined up for you guys – so I hope you enjoy them and your weekend!


2 Responses to “The Traveling Vegetarian”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    I run…since I started really running I have made it a point not to miss days…I ran Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge in NY (2 separate trips) and I run on trails when I go to San Francisco. I think it is an interesting way to see a city…you just have to get up early and plan the right route to take in some sights (and not be scared to trust your Google map skills). Have fun!

    • krhtoday Says:

      You’re a better person than I am! Although I completely agree its a great way to learn a new city 🙂 You’re probably a lot more accustomed to the heat than I am though being in Cali. I’ll be happy if I get something in! Thanks 🙂

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