Tofu Trials: The continuing adventures of Lil!

July 3, 2012

And we’re back with a Tuesday addition of Tofu Trials! 

Today you’ll get to read about my friend Lil.  You’ve seen her a lot lately on this blog and based on the number of Tofu wrap lunch dates we’ve had in the past month, you can probably guess she’s not adverse to enjoying a tofu dish.  But surprisingly, she’s never been comfortable with cooking one! So you know I had to get her to try. 


Well here I sit, guest blogging again.  The only stipulation this time was that my entry had to involve a tofu recipe.  Thankfully,  Katie told me how to properly prepare tofu by pressing it (see!? AGAIN!), which we never did prior to Katie’s helpful advice resulting in our tofu attempts being under-whelming.  Since none of our previous tofu attempts really stood out as something we wanted to make again , I had to search for something my “meat-eating” husband would be happy trying.  With both of our boys spending the week at the beach, it was just John and I at home so this was the perfect week to test the tofu recipe.  I found two recipes and, when I asked John to pick which one he wanted to try, he said that we should try them both.  Shocking!!  So we went to the grocery store and picked up two blocks of tofu.  John was intrigued by the vegetarian sausage, which is in the same case as the tofu, and made several comments about how much better the tofu would be if it was cooked in bacon grease. I only shook my head.  John pressed the tofu using a stack of paper plates and a jar of spare change while I was at the gym. When I came home, we picked the recipe we wanted to try.

Together, we worked through the recipe, not that it was that involved but we were doing it together.

KRH side note: droooooooooool


While the tofu baked, John ran out to get some bread.  We decided to toast the bread using our panini maker.

And we constructed our sandwiches and sat down to eat them.  All I can say is that they were delish!

My husband, the meat-eater who is a good sport and agreed to this right down to taking all the pictures, said that the sandwich was tasty enough that there was no need to add bacon.  He said he would eat it again, and would not mind paying for it if ordered at a restaurant.  I was shocked to hear him say that.  I am so happy that my husband is so supportive and willing to try all the new things I suggest to him.  So the good news is that tomorrow’s dinner is already in the plans.  Yep, we are having this same recipe again to try and fine tune this great tasting meal.  An added plus is that the adobo sauce is something we would not have tried if not for this recipe but now, we can see adding it to lots of foods.


How amazing do those tofu pieces look!?   This is first on my list of “must make”, what a fun take on the traditional “BLT” sandwich!   Many thanks to Lil (and John) for humoring me once again.  First running, now tofu.  What WILL I get her to do next?!? 🙂     

Hopefully back tomorrow with success stories about how I stayed fit and healthy while vacationing in St. Louis!


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