Hello Monday, we meet again…

July 9, 2012

This little girl is s.i.c.k. 😦 Or something like it.  I’ve been nursing a sore left neck/face for the past few days and its getting a little better, we’ve moved on from super sore to a little numb?  Weird.   In all honesty, I think i’d prefer the full on sore to the numb.  Lots of rest today!


This weekend we FINALLY worked our way back to Lancaster to pick up the two little four legged creatures.



Clearly they are thrilled to see us.

We also got to say hi to this sweet little thing, who has recently adopted Brandon’s parents.

Ladylike: youz doin it wrong.


And of course no weekend at home is complete without the requisite “mom you cooked too much” dinner.

Fruit, baked beans, asparagus, corn on the cob, veggie salads and a Field Roast sausage for me, yum! The best part about these dinners are that we somehow seem to acquire the leftovers!? 😀  Darn…

As for my Marathon Monday update…

I have been  L.A.Z.Y.  Does that count as a legitimate training week??   To be fair, vacation was last week and there was a LOT of walking and two bike rides, one 15 miler and a 25 miler.  So that counts for SOME cross training, but as far as miles logged on the road or treadmill – yikes.    Its probably been a good 1.5-2 weeks since i’ve pounded the pavement and there’s no excuse other than I just didn’t.  It was way too hot to safely and effectively run outside.  When you’re breaking 90 by the early AM, its not the time to run.  Luckily its supposed to cool off this week, so I’m ready to get back into it.

I was supposed to go to Body Pump this morning, but with the issues I’ve been having lately with the muscle fatigue, lack of sleep and soreness, I opted to try and get a little more rest – because I didn’t want to hinder, rather than help recovery.  I did feel guilty enough to fit in a small lifting workout this morning at home instead though.  Doing 3×10 sets with heavier weights for squats, tricep and bicep work and some shoulder work. I finished off with some dead lifts and  I threw in a few plank sets too for good measure.   It wasn’t a complete body workout like I love to get with Pump, but sometimes its nice to get some heavier lifting in too.  Plus, despite not making it to class, i still managed to get in a fairly decent lifting workout for the day.  Now…who wants to motivate me to start running?? 🙂



ps – Hail storm in the middle of a heat wave?  Ca-ray-zy.  

2 Responses to “Hello Monday, we meet again…”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    From everyone I have talked to about marathons the key is logging the miles, get back on it! Heat definitely sucks but a treadmill or an early morning may have to be the boring/tiring solution.

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