July 11, 2012

The other day I read a post (ahem:  this one ), which to me, was pretty dang inspiring.  Namely, it reminded me to get off my butt and get back out on the road – because apparently I have a marathon to train for.   It also left me with a nagging thought about the idea of a bucket list.

We all have mental ones, right?  Where we think we have a firm grasp of what we want, but the thing about keeping a mental list, is that its so much easier to weasel your way out of a goal.  In fact, I can’t even say that I’ve ever sat down and come up with one, a real one.  I’ve had goals , but I’ve never had a list.   So I thought, in the midst of my re-motivation, what better time to make one?    Some of these are goals I’ve had for awhile and have been working on without thinking about, some of them are ones that I’m just starting to realize are important to me.

Bucket List

1.  Stay cc debt free for at least a year.

2.  Go to a professional sport even for Formula 1, hockey, football, baseball and basketball.

3.  Take cooking courses or earn a culinary certificate/degree of some kind.

4.   Consistent 8 minute mile pace

5.  Run a marathon

6. Comfortably own a house, with a dream kitchen.

7.  Learn another language (i’m partial to French &/or German).

8.  Practice Yoga on the beach

9.  Become proficient in dSLR photography (this would probably involve taking a course at some point?)

10.  Run a sprint Triathlon.


Is this list exhaustive?  Not in the least, but it absolutely highlights some of the things I’ve been thinking about the most lately.  Sure, I have other goals too, things like, nailing a 9 minute mile pace for a 5k by Thanksgiving, training consistently, enjoying more and stressing less.  Things that aren’t final goals or tangible ones, but stepping stones, so to speak.    I’m happy to see that not all of the items on my current list are fitness related and I reserve the right to add to the list, but promise only to remove from the list once that goal has been achieved.

And because a post feels naked without a picture and this picture seems relevant, i’ll share this with you.  Snapped while walking around Lancaster waaay back in April. 🙂



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