Obsession confession.

July 24, 2012

Obsession Confession:  http://thepioneerwoman.com/

I started watching this on a whim when I was down in Richmond for the weekend a few months back.   I rarely watch TV (unless its sports or something particular) and its even rarer that I try to make sure I catch a show when it comes on.  For the past few Saturday mornings when I’ve been home, I’ve caught myself making sure I had control of the remote control for the reruns of the Pioneer Woman.

Also?  Her recipes have me wanting to drop everything, move out to a ranch and make hot wings for the hubs and I.  And then eat them.  It could also be stress talking, but still, GASP.   Double also?  Her kids are INSANELY polite.  I think I spend most of my time jaw dropped at this little fact.  A welcome change from what we normally encounter these days.

I did however manage to adapt one of her recipes this weekend.  One that a) resulted in my FIRST Successful attempt at cooking dry beans.  Win. b) The hubs eating 2 helpings of beans. (For those of you who are curious, and you should be, here’s  the original recipe).   After watching her show on cooking food for a camping trip (she served these with cornbread, both warmed up over an open fire – seriously? Can I have that life please?), I had a craving for these that just would.not.stop.  I also had a craving for the brats & BBQ sauce.  But, since I had already made the cornbread for Friday night’s dinner AND I had a jar of mixed dry beans around, it was beans and cornbread.



So. Good.

I gotta hand it to her – even I, lover of all random sources of protein, was skeptical at first at how I would like this.  Forgive me Pioneer Woman, I will never doubt you again.

The biggest change to the recipe I made was forgoing the ham hock.   But even a vegetarian knows that sometimes things just won’t work without a little bit of flavor.  I’m assuming the ham hock would add a nice smoky salty richness to the beans, so I opted for a healthy dose of sea salt and a splash of liquid smoke instead.  AND I was pretty generous with the spices, and added a sprinkling of a Turkish Seasoning blend that kept within the general spice profile (chili powder, pepper, etc). Oh.  And some Franks Hot Sauce.  Because what they say is true, I really do put that s**t on everything.  No peppers, so I added some baby bella mushrooms instead, but other than that – pretty true to the recipe.

It was the PERFECT pairing for a slightly sweet cornbread.  I only had one picture to take, because I ate it that quickly.

If you haven’t made a pot of spicy beans and then threw them on top of cornbread.  Do it. Now.  And then obsess over what recipe of her’s you can make next.


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