All sorts of cravings

August 3, 2012

Ugh.  I don’t know about you all – but this constant heat & humidity is starting  its inevitable trend towards making me crave the cooler crisp weather of the fall.  If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, its a chilly Saturday or Sunday morning with the promise of a day full of football, hikes and open windows.  All wrapped up in cozy clothes and of course, the food.  Don’t get me wrong – I love fresh produce and can’t ever seem to get enough, but there’s definitely a point where I start to crave those richer flavors of fall.  Of course, once fall and the holidays are over, all I want is spring spring spring and sunshine, I’m clearly never satisfied 🙂

Since I’ve always been one to try and avoid wishing my life away and since we’ve clearly got at least another month or two of heat, I’d do some window shopping and list making to try and relax the craving a bit.


1.  Pumpkin spiced anything. I’ve been seriously craving those nutmeggy spicy flavors lately and been on a serious baking kick.  Since I’m not always one for a super sweet dessert, my baking tends to take on the form of a breakfast piece.  I found  this recipe on Angela’s site and am seriously wondering if its ok to bring a little  taste of fall into August?

2.  Speaking of baking, with a lack of breakfast items in the house, yesterday morning I threw these little puppies together.

Perfect little cinnamon raisin scones, that are bite sized, but lovely with a swipe of earth balance.   Great in the AM for a quick breakfast, but also a nice way to end the night with a cup of tea and a good British Mystery.

3.   As evidenced above, lately I’ve been devouring any British mystery  and period piece mystery I can get my hands on.  Currently I have been on a serious Sherlock Holmes kick and while that tends to manifest itself in drinking pots of (decaf) black tea  with a plate of scones or biscuits (ahem: above), I snuck a peek at these beauties.

A growing trend for the Fall and while I’m not always one for the trends, I have to admit, the pattern reminds me of something right out of a Conan Doyle novel and that, my friends, is a weakness the world is waiting to exploit  (photo source)

4. Running in the fall.

’nuff said (image source).

5.  The colors and clothes of fall.  Even though I know I’ll be craving the bright summer neons and springy pastels, swingy summer dresses and breezy tops,  I have a serious jonesin for my boots, tights and those dark browns, reds and purples that are synonymous with fall.  Not to mention that perfect temperature where you can head outside in a light jacket or long sleeved shirt and not be too cold, but aren’t sweating your brains out either.


Glass of red on a cool night, anyone?  (source)

I know feeling antsy towards the end of a season is pretty common and as much as i’m looking forward to the change, there’s still a lot of summer left to enjoy.   I’ve spent a lot of mine worrying and stressing about work and the job situation and now that I have the chance to breathe a little bit I’m determined to take advantage of it.


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