August 7, 2012

You guys know I typically don’t like to label myself by what I choose to eat.   I freely  admit to being a vegetarian, but have shied away from calling myself a “vegan”, despite posting several Vegan recipes in the past few months.   What started out as a Lent challenge just never really stopped and more often than not I ask for no cheese and almost all of my baking has been using exclusively vegan recipe.

Lately though, whether it be because of stress, availability or just a “I was craving it so I ate it” attitude, I’ve indulged in some cheese, some scrambled eggs and at one point a few licks of some vanilla soft serve.  I say a few licks, because that’s honestly all I could muster.  In the end, what started as a “oh man, there’s no replacement for this” moment,  ended as a “ugh, this is way too rich” moment.  Not that there have been any majorly adverse side effects to the few things that I have had, but I can 100% feel the difference.   I just feel heavier and greasier (ew?) this week.  Not to mention the inevitable result of eating fewer veggies.  Not to say that my food has been super clean and healthy to begin with lately, but still.  Its pretty amazing how quickly the little things add up.  And although I still stand by my desire to not be identified with a label, this little flirtation with dairy and eggs has left me craving the greener grass back on the other side of the fence (no pun intended).  So this week, when we made our menu plan for the week, I decided to focus on fun and healthy Vegan meals.  All of this has the added bonus of bringing me back to the mindset of caring about what I eat and really focusing on how it makes me feel.  I’m aiming for “not greasy”.

I also threw down a “sort’ve” challenge (in fun!) to a friend that my dinners would be better than theirs.

Its not really fair, I’m basing all of my recipes this week from a monster cookbook Veganomicon (but for the record, I’m up 2-0 as of this post).   I’ve opted to be less creative with recipes and stick to the actual list of ingredients and instructions (a revelation, I know!  Also, please note that I promptly misread a recipe not once, not twice, but THREE times last night in the course of making dinner, however it turned out alright).   So I thought I’d share my dinners as I went.  A lot of times, B and I have found that Vegan recipes need a little more tweaking than others, but so far, the three recipes I’ve made (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) for dinners have been spot on.  Although, for the life of me, I don’t know why I tend to pick the recipes that photograph awfully.

Manzana Chili Verde

This recipe, was good.  Like, really good.  I expected it to be enjoyable and chose it because it seemed like an interesting combination (apples in a chili!?), but I am honestly surprised we enjoyed it as much as we did.   Perfect flavor combo with just enough kick from some poblanos and jalapenos that went super well with a crusty baguette.

I’ll spare you the pictures of last night’s black bean burger recipe reading mess but still tasted delicious fiasco and leave you with a hint for tomorrow’s post with images from tonight’s dinner.


hint:  It was delicious.  I’m feeling better already.


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