“I put that s**t on everything!”

August 8, 2012

Make no mistake, I am obsessed with Franks Hot Sauce.  It really does tend to go on everythingin this house.    So yes, this:

(as seen yesterday)

is a pyrex dish of a hot sauce marinade.  I.Die.

Last nights dinner was (again, from Veganomicon) a hot sauce glazed tempeh.   Tempeh used to be hit or miss witih me.  My mom swears by the smoked tempeh as a great substitute for bacon, which, I can understand.  But for this recipe, I just used some regular 3 grain tempeh.   What turned the corner for me and the tempeh train, was the buffalo tempeh salad by http://www.littlehouseofveggies.com/.   And people may know this already, but steaming the tempeh before doing whatever you’re going to do to it (we use technical terms here), well, that was just news to me.  It is surprisingly effective at taking away some of the bitter that may come from eating tempeh plain otherwise.  The chewy texture, for lack of a better term, really is good at replacing what some people may miss when they skip the meat.  It also takes up the flavors of marinades extremely well. Which I learned last night.  YOWzas.   In this case it was a delicious combo of lemon juice, Franks Hot Sauce ( although any will do, I imagine) and spices and some soy sauce.

Because of the nature of the marinade, the tempeh “steaks”, as I’ve decided to call them, are extremely reminiscent of buffalo chicken strips/breasts/whatever.  So Brandon opted to throw his on some whole wheat buns, add some cheese and lettuce and call it a day.  I opted for a simpler route of just the steaks on their own.  They did NOT disappoint.


The tempeh itself was cooked to perfection (I did mine in a skillet) and despite not being covered in the marinade as a sauce (which I debated), the flavors were anything but missed.  Like I said, YOWzas, but in a really really good way.   In my opinion, tempeh tends to stand up to other cooking methods a little better than tofu also, pan frying, baking or grilling, which makes this a recipe that would be pretty decent for outdoor bbqs during the summer also, especially given the versatility of serving these suckers.  On their own?  Check.  Chopped up on the salad?   Better believe it.  Throw it on a sandwich, ala Brandon?  Perfect summer meal.  Pair it with some summer veggies and you are good.to.go.

I may be biased and all, but i’m pretty sure last night just put me up 3-0 on that friendly dinner throw down.


ps –  points for making something that looked decent on a plate.  Fail for having blurry pictures – womp womp.

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