Food on Friday!

August 10, 2012

Happy Friday, ya’ll!   Sorry about the absence yesterday, I spent the day with the world’s cutest baby human.  It was so good to get out of the apartment, I love my husband, but having just him to talk to and see everyday these past few weeks during this job transition has been rough!

Meals this week have been sort’ve in line with the menu plan.  Last night I had a late lunch and it was so hot, so  we went for something simple and lite.  A Vegan (for me) ceasar salad, with a side of asparagus and tomatoes.


Sometimes you just can’t beat a summer time classic.

However, Wednesday night I got a little fancier and made a vegan Vodka Penne. I’ve never had Vodka sauce the “real way”, but i’m pretty sure it doesn’t get its creaminess from almonds!


A steamy plate of penne topped with a creamy vodka sauce and some veggie Italian Sausage!


After tonight’s dinner of Mexican Spaghetti Squash (holy hot Jalapenos batman!), for those keeping count, I’d say my friendly dinner competition has ended with a score of 4-1.


We have a weekend of family, baseball, shopping and food coming up and I can’t wait!  I have big (but simple!) plans for the kitchen and round 2 of  the friendly dinner competition coming up next week.  The food for this weekend is mostly vegan, even though my in-laws aren’t.  I gave it a lot of thought, usually I make two dishes per meal when we have them down for the weekend, one “normal” dish for them and then a vegetarian/vegan dish for myself.  But this time, I’m going to try and make one dish.  Brandon is pretty ok with how I cook and the meals we eat – but I’ll be interested to see how my inlaws take to the meal.  Nothing about it screams vegan (they’re baja style tempeh tacos) and I’m hoping to show that the meals can be both delicious and filling, without being blatantly different than something they’d normally eat to begin with.  Worst case scenario, they head to the hot dog stand at the baseball game afterwareds 😉  Am I rambling?  I feel like I am.    What about my veggie/vegan readers out there?  Do you cook one dish, or two if you have people over?  Same struggles?  Isn’t it funny how we could cook a meatless pasta dish and not think twice about it, until someone labels it as vegetarian and then it suddenly seems like it may not please the crowds anymore.

Next week is also my first day on the new job.  I’m excited and I’m nervous.  But it feels so good to know I’ll be getting back into a routine again.  I’ve been the epitome of lazy this week, with what I think is my fighting off a cold (mid-summer, really?), but its been a thought-provoking week, which is a good thing.

Who’s got some fun plans coming up?




2 Responses to “Food on Friday!”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    This looks delicious!

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