Getting back on track

August 14, 2012

Well – day 1 is done.  Don’t yall just love those awkward first days of something?

Walking around meeting people, not really having much of a schedule, everyone else keeping on with their regular everyday schedule and  all.that.reading.  To say that I’ll have a busy and possibly stressful  next few weeks is the definition of putting something lightly.  My first deadline is the last week of August on something – yikes!  Now.  If you’re about to stop me and say “yeah, but Katie, at least you have a job, shouldn’t you be grateful?” You’re absolutely right, and I absolutely am.  In a way, i’m almost glad that the start of the job will keep me busy – I think I thrive most when I have a deadline.   Or at least, I hope.

Getting day 1 in my back pocket felt great and I’m sure at the end of the week I’ll feel even better.  I know it sounds a little dramatic for me to look back on everything after just a day, but there are definitely a few things I’ve learned in my two days of “getting ready for work” and my so far,  1 day of being at  work.

1.  I am OUT of practice for packing lunches.  Let alone a healthy one.  I used to have a salad almost every day for lunch and was even to the point where i didn’t even need or want salad dressings.  I’d have no problem finding things to throw on top of the lettuce and spinach and be happy at lunch time.  Day 1 was leftovers, but today, for Day 2, i’m back to my routine of a salad and some fruit for snacks.  The hardest part is reminding myself to get that stuff packed up before its too late in the night!

2.  I am waiting for the triumphant return of my once healthy lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not living an unhealthy lifestyle by anymeans, but gone are the days where I’d have a green smoothie, and a salad and some fruit/veggies throughout the day and be 100% full.  I haven’t been to my gym regularly in an embarassing amount of time and my running shoes have seen more of my closet than the pavement.  I am a firm believer that if one aspect of my life is healthy, the rest will follow suit.  Not on their own of course, it takes dedication and work.  I’m a creature of habit and if my work life is unhealthy, then my diet and workout routine tends to suffer.  I’m starting with healthy lunches and working my way back into the gym.  Once I get the swing of the new schedule at work, I’m confident the other parts will start to click back into place.

3.  SLEEP.  Man, I did not realize how poorly I have been sleeping for the past couple of months.  You can sleep, but waking up every couple of hours and really only getting a few hours of deep sleep in the early AM, well, that’s just not going to cut it.  My friend made the comment that once I get back into this work routine, sleep will begin to happen a little more naturally as well.  After 1 night, I have hope.  I slept great last night, but still a little sleepy in the AM (perhaps the remnants of a late Saturday & Sunday night? womp womp).   I always feel my best in the morning if I have enough time to start out organized and not rushed.  That means getting enough sleep and getting up early enough that I have the opportunity to do that.

4.  I have a love for coffee that runs deep my friends. Very. Very. Deep.  There is little that compares to that first warm sip in the morning. 

5.  I have a newfound respect for my weekly yoga classes.  I cannot wait for tomorrow night.


How do you get yourself back on track when you have a big lifestyle shake up? 


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