Will blog for coffee

August 28, 2012

Yesterday was a crazy mix of weird, that didn’t add up to “bad day” but “weird day” or rather, “weird day, with a distinct lack of coffee”.

This morning, the fun continues.  I seem to have woken up with a hangover, having not drank last night.  I repeat.  The only fluid that touched my lips last night was water.   In all honesty, I think its the start of a migraine.  So its a steady regiment of aleve, water and caffeine for me.  So while I’m nursing myself back to health, enjoy some of these things that have been keeping me busy outside of work 🙂


Some Nights, by Fun.  This song is so catchy – I catch myself humming it to myself.  Can’t say  I care for the music video, but the song is worth a listen.



I’m sure all of us are starting to look ahead to the fall in some shape or form, either dreading it or looking forward to it.  When we were home this weekend, my MIL had out candy corn (!!!)  So I’ve been on pinterest during my down time checking out some fall appropriate treats and decorations.  These cookies are darling and while I have no illusions of my turkeys turning out ANYTHING like above, we’ll just call it “rustic” then lament about how artists are never appreciated in their time 😉  We may end up with sugarcookies with a flat outline of a turkey, ala 5 year old drawing talent too.  My dad would be so proud…


Another song for you, this one is J’adore Hardcore, by Scooter.  Despite my slightly off  tilt Monday yesterday, it started off the best way possible.  Back to body pump for my early AM weight sesh.  One of my favorite parts about working out, especially in a big group setting, is the loud music that makes you feel bad ass.  This song stuck with me all day and its so great for lifting. 

Finally – my friend sent me a link yesterday that talked about a new kind of push up (click here to read it).  They call it a Reverse PushupIts worth the look and a try.  We both tried it last night and agreed that it was mostly awkward to do.  For me it was the reverse part that was the hardest, but I think I wasn’t quite at the right “butt in the air” angle, now that I look at it again.  They were fun though, and now that I know they exist, I don’t think I’d mind rotating them into the random pushup lineup. 

Goals for today:  Nurse away a headache, work work work! (Deadlines are approaching), cardio.  If I can hit that trifecta, I’ll be happy.

How does everyone else’s Tuesday look?


2 Responses to “Will blog for coffee”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    That entire Fun. album is awesome…I feel lame saying this but they remind me of a modern take on Queen…which is a compliment. Anyway…I may have to work that reverse pushup into my routine, it actually looks fun. Although I doubt I will be able to do it with as much fluidity as HR Buff and Stuff in the video.

    • krhtoday Says:

      Mr. Buff and Stuff can stick his butt in the air far better than I can. But it is kind of fun to do.
      I’ve heard that about Fun, sounding like queen. I think this song in particular reminds me of Cecilia by S&G. PS – love what you had to say about saying something to that runner you pass all the time. DO IT, you won’t be able to stop smiling afterwards.

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