Cheating a little

September 5, 2012

I’m cheating a little bit by showing you something I made last week – but I am super proud of the meal.    And I think it still embodies my goal of incorporating more whole foods into our meals.    Even if its a no-brainer of an idea, sometimes they’re the ones that taste the best.

Friends, allow me to introduce you to the best way to use up leftover chile.  Meet, the chile enchilada.

I had some leftover black bean and sweet potato chile last week that we wanted to use up before the weekend.  So we opted to make some homemade enchiladas.  I was worried the chile on its own just wouldn’t be quite enough, so I whipped together a mix of wild rice and farro with some enchilada sauce to add a few more grains and some crunch.

ps – that was some good thinking.

Add some Daiya cheddar, the necessary enchilada sauce and popped it in the oven to warm it all up.  And we found ourselves with a delicious alternative to warming up a bowl of leftover chile.

Lovin’ this shorter work week  – but definitely trying to keep up with the normal workout schedule.  Got in my cardio last night and dang was it tough.  Guys, I forced myself back onto the treadmill.  I’ve been thinking about slipping back into my running routine, especially since I’m a weirdo and actually hurt from using the elliptical.   One thing that I am a firm believer of, is that running gets easier as you become lighter.  Makes sense, right?  Any cardio will.  So after a week or two of pretty healthy eating habits and filtering back in the lifting and cardio, I thought I’d try my hand at running again.  I didn’t have any illusions of bangin’ out a PR, but I was hoping for a decent run.  I’ve been trying to figure out why its taken me so long to hop back on the tread and part of it is really that I’ve become comfortable not running.  I was also a little nervous about the struggle I knew it was going to be.  And I was right, it wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t anywhere near a PR, but it wasn’t AWFUL either.  My knee was a little tweaked, I took a short two minute walking break to walk out a cramp and I was s.l.o.w.  But I am happy to say I logged 3 miles, because hey – mileage is mileage, right?  Besides, despite my anti excuses mantra, I HAVE had a rough couple of months.  So if it takes a little bit for me to work back into a healthy lifestyle – that’s cool with me.

So as a reward for my run yesterday, I am pumped for some  much needed yoga tonight!  Its not our normal instructor (who I love to pieces), but if its the normal substitute instructor, it should be a relaxing hour of gentle stretching – which will probably feel great after yesterday’s run.  Still on the fence about my elliptical warm up.  But I have some tofu cooking in the crockpot for a quick and easy dinner tonight of Tofu BBQ (first time trying this out).  I’m excited to see how the tofu holds up – i’ve been making sloppy joes using some veggie “beef” crumbles, but they’re not vegan and in the spirit of eating less processed foods, I’ve gone for tofu instead.  Reminds me of the manwich commercials:

“Mama don’t you make me another sandwich! Forget the mac and cheese, I want some fun slapped on a bun I want a <tofu>manwich pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease”

Happy Wednesdaying everyone!


One Response to “Cheating a little”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    Way to get in the miles…pace is not important, ease your way back into it, before you know it you will find your stride again!

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