Baking Bonanza!

September 10, 2012


So, do you remember that teaser picture of dates I showed you last weekend?  Those were dates.  And those dates, got turned into these lovelies.  Date bars.  I got the recipe from my Joy of Vegan Baking cookbook, which really has yet to do me wrong, but this is the first time I’ve ventured outside the realm of scones and chocolate chip cookies.  We had dates in the apartment for another recipe I wanted to try, so I opted to use their natural sweetness for one of my desserts this weekend.   I think I would’ve added a bit more filling, but these guys were a huge fit.

Of course, I can’t ever be satisfied with just one thing.  The whole reason I baked a dessert on Thursday, was so I could have a free and fun Friday night.  Well, we ended up relaxing at home with some easy canned soup (Love Amy’s Organic) and toast, nursing the hubs back to health.  So I had a little more time on my hands, a craving for apricot Kolache and more than a few ripe bananas.  So by the end of the night, we ended up with a loaf of banana bread and pb banana bread with chocolate chips (super yummy).  And I tried my hand at veganizing a recipe I had here at home for Kolache.

If you’ve ever had these cookies before, they’re buttery and not too sweet and it turns out the dough is a cream cheese based dough.  Luckily I had some tofutti cream cheese on hand and enough earth balance to spare to whip some up.    And I am rarely without some apricot jam.  The recipe typically calls for some apricot pie filling, I think because it doesn’t burn as much – but for round 1 – the apricot jam worked pretty well.   I’m in the process of figuring out the best way to bake with whole wheat flour.  It can make baked goods a bit gritty, dry and dense, but I’m not a big fan of white flour.  I love white whole wheat flour, but have been trying to branch out with things like oat and spelt flour.



I think next time I’d make my squares a little smaller and the apricot “dollops” a little less.  I ended up with some pretty big cookies.



But its cool.   Triple desserts?  Check.  Vegan?  Check.  Tasty?  triple check.


Good thing I worked out this morning…


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