Intentions vs reality

September 13, 2012

Last night, I had every intention to pack up my mat, throw on my yoga pants and Namaste my way through Wednesday night’s Yoga class.  I didn’t go.  This morning I had every intention to wake up early and head to a new (to me) gym class first thing before work.  I didn’t go. 

Part of me still feels a little guilty about not following through with my intentions last night and today, but the other part of me has decided that it’s a ridiculous way to feel.   No matter what way I spun it last night, I just was not in the mood to go to yoga.  And that’s ok.  This morning I made it as far as being out of bed at 5, reaching for my pile of gym clothes before realizing it wasn’t gonna happen and I even ended up giving myself a few extra minutes in bed past my 2nd alarm.  And that’s ok too. 

Clearly, I am not in the mental or physical mood to take on intense workouts this week.   So I am opting to listen to those cues, rather than push through them.    Instead of the intensity and sweating of hour long workouts, I’m finding ways to make sure I’m doing something each night, something that feels right for my body.  Tuesday night I ditched my initial plans for a run after work and enjoyed a walk with B through the neighborhood.  Yesterday, instead of forcing myself to an hour long class in the middle of my evening, I let myself relax and read for awhile after dinner.  At some point in the evening, when I was in the mood to, I led myself through some of my favorite poses.  So yes, I do feel guilty about missing the classes.  I like being part of those communities and groups of ladies, especially in my yoga class.  I feel a certain loyalty to them and if I don’t go, my twisted sense of guilt can lead me to think I’ve let them down in some way by not showing up.  The other part of me hates to be labeled as someone who is a quitter and not dedicated.  Slowly but surely, I’m letting those thoughts take up less space in my head.

As for the rest of me?  Clearly my body is saying “slow down” this week.  There’s a serious lack of motivation, energy and general excitement in my day to day activities, so I’m taking care of myself in other ways.

–          Finding other ways to “workout” that match my body’s desired intensity.

–          Drinking more water.  I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of my dragging is a sign of dehydration.  So guzzle up, Hebs!

–          I’m trying to eat more whole foods and green foods.  Green smoothies and salads and lots of veggies throughout.    Sometimes it doesn’t alllllways inspire, but oh well (*cough cough last night’s dinner cough cough*).

–          Take advantage of days like National Chocolate Milkshake day (which was yesterday) with a non-traditional chocolate milkshake, in the form of leftover Chocolate PB Green Smoothies for this morning’s breakfast.  Heavy on the spinach and light on the ice cream/sugar let me have my chocolate shake, in a healthier way. 


(In the shake: atleast 2 cups of spinach (!!), 1 frozen banana, a carrot, flax seed, maca root powder, Chocolate PB2, almond milk.  BLEND and enjoy ;))

One thing I haven’t let myself do is take a day off.  My mind is screaming for a day off to just recollect my thoughts, recenter, refocus, reorganize, regain some control (that hasn’t actually been lost).  But I also know that I’ve been traveling and visiting and basically been out of town for the past 3-4 weekends in a row.  I love visiting friends and family, but sometimes those weekends of being at home with nothing to do are so crucial for mentally and physically preparing yourself for the next few weeks.    This weekend I get to do that for the first time in what seems like for-ev-var.  I have big plans for enjoying my coffee from a real mug at my dining room table and NOT on my way to work from a travel mug, reading, cooking and apple picking!!! Getting outside in this beautiful early Fall weather with friends is something I’m really looking forward to. 

I have mental plans to go to the gym tonight and tomorrow morning’s Body pump class.  No promises though, but its on the list.  😉


3 Responses to “Intentions vs reality”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    I feel you on not wanting to do certain workouts…I haven’t done Pilates in a couple weeks. Every time I think about starting I just go…BLAH…takes too long, wahhhh, I don’t have enough time, wahhh. Hopefully I can start working it in again because like Yoga, it is so good for us! That shake sounds delicious.

    PS – There is a national holiday for everything…you could eat your way to 500 pounds in a month if you participated in every holiday.

    • krhtoday Says:

      It WAS delicious, although I seem to have a knack for making delicious foods that look horrible!
      I’ve never done Pilates, but I want to – do you go to a class or do it solo?
      PS – I think today was national Peanut day, although my friend swears its “Snack a pickle” day.

      • Dominick S. Says:

        It was probably both…they tend to overlap.

        As for Pilates…solo…once you learn the moves you can do it at home. I recorded my instructor with my phone so that I have someone barking out a routine and giving me a good count. So I would say, go to a few classes, if you like it and think you can do it at home then record the routine on your phone and save your cash!

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