Split pea soup?

September 14, 2012

Its close to the weekend and I have big plans for some dedicated kitchen time, orchard time, coffee and R&R.   But before we get there,  we have to talk about something.  I’m sorry to do this to you on a Friday morning, but..

How can something that looks as pretty and healthy and delicious as this:

Turn into something that looks like a big ol’ pile of green glop like this:

My friends, this is split pea (and parsnip) soup.  I was so excited on Wednesday night to come home to an apartment that smells like homemade soup and have no other job but to ladle out some soul-warming and comforting goodness into a bowl to enjoy it.

To be fair, that’s all I really had to do (yay crockpots!) But this recipe was so uninspiring to me.  It had no pizzazz, it was simple (split peas, parsnips, veggie broth and onion. Boom).  Which my husband tells me is the point of split pea soup.  Which is sad to me, because shouldn’t food be inspiring?  Simple doesn’t have to mean bland, right?  I tried swirling in some chipotle adobo sauce, but no dice.  Some tomato paste, eh – it helped but still nothing much.

Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t taste bad just…:shrug:

We ended up having some leftovers, so I thought I’d try to spice them up a little bit.  For this go-round, I opted for some of my black bean and lentil mix (leftover from taco night, mmmm), avocado and some BBQ sauce.  It tasted fine, but nothing like split pea soup and everything like BBQ sauce.  But i like the idea of a comforting bowl of split pea soup, so I’m thinking of some changes I would make to try and lighten it up a bit.  So far this is what i’ve come up with:

Add some fresh peas to add some texture and brighten it up

A splash (or two) of some white wine.

I thought about making a chipotle split pea, but I think it’d be incredibly difficult to get the right balance of flavors, otherwise you’ll end up with one overpowering the other.

Anyone have any ideas??

Happy weeeeeekending my friends!


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