The first

September 19, 2012

As threatened, promised, here is one of those apple recipes I was promising to make.

Although its my ultimate goal to be able to develop my own recipes at some point, which I’m starting to teach myself to do – I find myself relying quite a lot on recipes I’ve found online or in cookbooks, especially my favorite food bloggers.  There’s a lot of inspiration to be found out there and even though it feels like cheating sometimes, when you stumble across a recipe that just…works , suddenly where the recipe came from ceases to matter.

That was the case for this lovely piece of work.


I have Angela, over at Oh She Glows to thank for this.   This recipe was the perfect way for me to use up some leftover chopped apples AND satisfy my newfound need for baked goods being ever present in the apartment.  I was originally looking for a healthy oatmeal bar to take into work with me, but it quickly became apparent that these are an Apple Pie in Oat Square format.    I made a few tweaks, like replacing the earth balance with apple sauce in the oat base and used a combination of golden delicious and Mutsu apples.  I’m pretty happy with the result.


I managed to freeze most of the pan out of self defense, but some of these babies are stickin’ around at room temp….Good thing I’m back on track with that workout schedule!

Speaking of workout schedules – I’ve been getting a little bored lately with my usual music go -to’s.  I have my Ipod and my pandora, but sometimes Pandora just isn’t playing the music I want – I’m thinking of trying out Spotify, but hate linking things to my facebook account.  Has anyone else ever used Spotify?  And even more important who’s got running songs they want to share???

Yoga tonight!


One Response to “The first”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    That looks delicious. I use Spotify at work but not on the go. Running songs…hmmm…I have been doing long runs to Frank Ocean and some indie bands but that is because they are mellow. If you want uptempo I am limited past hip hop! Let me know if you find any gems.

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