Cravings and contemplations

October 2, 2012

When the husband gets a craving (that isn’t Pizza, Wings, Pizza, pizza, pizza…), enough so that he mentions it out loud, I try my best to accomodate his cravings, but keep myself happy also.

Last night, I was able to combine the two in a simple near-perfect dish.  I thoroughly enjoyed my plate and didn’t hear any complaints from the second half (as he scarfed down his plate, helped himself to some garlic toast, then a cookie…men).

What he wanted, was some pasta in a simple garlic and olive oil type sauce.  What I couldn’t give him was just pasta in a simple garlic and olive oil type sauce.  What he got, was this:

Some whole wheat Linguine tossed with peas, spinach and shredded carrots in a very lite garlic, earthbalance and smidge of olive oil sauce, topped with some portobellas that I roasted with a homemade miso vinaigrette (ume and balsamic, yum).  I finished off my plate with a side of brussel sprouts pan seared with a splash of ume vinegar. 

Heavy on the greens/veggies, lite on the heavy.  Did that make sense?

I’ve been rereading some of my favorite healthy living blogs/books and feel really motivated, rejuvenated and excited to face the fall with a renewed sense of healthy and what it means to me.  I’ve already spent some time at the gym this morning and replaced a typical breakfast with a new fall cinnamon apricot wheatberry salad and I feel great!  Bring on the whole grains 🙂

Are you taking the opportunity this fall to re-evaluate any of your lifestyle choices? 


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