October 15, 2012

Our weekend was truly a wonderful weekend.  We took a day trip up home to see my parents and help out around the house and I was reminded how grateful I am to have a husband who loves my family as much as I do.  And yesterday, we relaxed inside, watched some football AND got out to enjoy some of the beautiful weather we were having.

And I say we had a truly wonderful weekend, because in the long run, it wasn’t a bad weekend.  But there were little things a long the way, mostly on Sunday that had me feeling pretty crummy about myself.  Since I’ve been focusing a lot on what’s going into my body lately and the way my body reacts, I realized that after a week of eating ultra clean and healthy, I did nothing but feed my body with junk for the first part of the weekend.  So the good thing about the weekend, is that I was able to look back and identify where I had made some less than stellar decisions along the way.  Here’s what I learned:

1.  On Saturday, I relied a lot on baked goods (mostly mine, and mostly healthy, but lets be real here…) and some convenience foods (sorry Sheetz MTO, but you and I are over.)

2.  On Sunday, I had a cup of real coffee – mistake.  I was jittery, my chest was tight and there was a definite strong reaction to the caffeine, even after only not having it for ~2 weeks.  The minute I made myself a cup of tea, I felt 10x better, but was on edge and irritable for the rest of the day. 

3.  I started off pretty good with what I was eating, but ended up snacking on very salty foods.  Eating without ever really being satisfied

So how did I fix things? 

Well first and foremeost, I made the committment to seriously cut back on the caffeine.  I do truly enjoy the taste of coffee, so I’m going to stick with decaf when I really want the richness of coffee, but for the most part bring on the herbal teas!  Celestial seasons just came back out with my favorite holiday tea, Candy Cane Lane. 

And for more immediate relief, I took a nap.  A rareity for me, but totally worth it.  Dozed off for about 15-20 minutes and woke up with the idea of “starting my day over”.  How’d I do it? 

1.  We got outside  There’s a trail that we discovered last weekend that’s not too far from where we live, so we went out for a short (1.5 hr) walk.  Neither of us wanted to get into bed at the end of the day and think “did we even DO anything today?”.  Not only was it a great way to get in some execise and QT together, we got to see people smiling and dogs that were outrageously happy to be outside.  I love when i’m reminded how easy it is to be happy.  Being outside cleared my head and helped my get back in a great mindset.

2.  We ditched the menu

For dinner last night I had big plans for some vegan mac & cheeze.  Something comfy and cozy for the end of the weekend right?  In theory, it would’ve been great.  But in actuality, its the lat thing either of us wanted.  If I refer back to what I’m reading about macrobiotics, all of the food I’d been eating this weekend had been very constricting and salty and to balance that out I was craving a lite meal, with lots of veggies that were more expanding (think, veggies that grow UP, rather than down, like a potato or root veggie).  So we ditched the menu plan and zoned in on the veggies.  If it was green,  I NEEDED it.  I had a big plate of steamed baby bok choy (LOVE), kale, zucchini and yellow squash and some cremini mushrooms.  All drizzled with some Ume Plum vinegar (or hot sauce on the kale, i’m obsessed, what can I say).   It was still the perfect way to end our weekend and ended up being more satisfying and cozy than the mac & cheeze would’ve been. 

I’m maintaining my trend with an early morning Body Pump sesh, a lunch bag full of oats, veggies and grains and DECAF.  I’m still recovering a bit from all the sludge I put into my body this weekend, but I feel pretty good about stopping the cycle the best way I knew how and learning its ok to simply start over sometimes. 

How was your weekend friends?  Ever take a close look at how what you’re eating really makes you feel?  For the first time ever, the veggie wrap at Sheetz made me feel awful and really made it hit home how much better I feel after just a week of greens, grains and healthy eating. 


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