Move over, mustard!

October 17, 2012

Lately I’ve been obsessed with adding some of my Ume Plum Vinegar or Umeboshi Plums even, to everything.  The vinegar is salty and sour and the perfect addition to pan roasted mushrooms, steamed veggies, grains, soups – you name it! And on days when I’m a little headachy or under the weather, I’ve started looking forward to a macrobiotic “cure all” of chopping up some umeboshi plums in my tea. 

These babies are no joke and nothing like a sweet plum you’re used to.  They are intensly salty and certainly an acquired taste – although I’ve found that I truly enjoyed both forms very quickly  – I thank my cleaner diet the past few months for that. 

In honor of my newest favorite condiment, check out this  article I came across about some of the history behind the plum.  But don’t blame me if you suddenly crave a little bit of rice with a perfectly placed plum in the middle 😉

Off to yoga tonight! I’m starting to crave my practice about 2-3 days before I go to class.  Its an expensive hobby (I take my yoga class through my gym, so I’m not paying per class – and I love it!), so I’m not quite ready to invest in the more traditional classes at a Yoga Studio.  However, I’m thinking of upping my at home yoga practices again, maybe some free online yoga sequences (any suggestions?) or a Yoga DVD. 

Happy mid-week ladies and gents!


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