Oh weekends

October 29, 2012

This weekend Brandon and I took full advantage of a gorgeous Fall Saturday before settling in for the rainy windy hurricane weather we’ll be enjoying for the next few days 😉  You can tell we’re adults now, because the first thing we get annoyed about is how we may not be able to get things done at our respective jobs. 

Anyhow, I enjoyed an early morning workout, some antique browsing and a walk through one of our favorite parks to watch the dogs play.  Who knew a tennis ball could be so much fun??  I also picked up some resistance bands to add to my “at home” gym and enjoyed a few crochet projects, more than a few dishes that incorporated kale (its my new happy drug, I swear) and a fantastic bottle of wine. 

Lastly: a HUGE shout out to my friend Mike (you’ve seen his guests posts here before) for completing his FIRST half marathon – and he’s only been running for about a year!

Oh weekends!


One Response to “Oh weekends”

  1. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the shoutout – hoping to walk with a normal gait by this evening!

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