October 30, 2012


Work was called off today, but I got a little stir crazy.  Instead of lacing up for the gym, I took advantage of my (beloved) rainboots to walk the 1.5 ish mile loop around the complex.

The walk provided some much needed fresh air and movement, and an unexpected chance to reflect clear my mind and reset.

Baltimore got a taste of mother nature yesterday when hurricane sandy came through.  Thankfully we were safe and with power for the duration.  Others weren’t so lucky.  Here and especially elsewhere.  It got me wondering, where do you go, if you have nowhere to evacuate to? Would I evacuate?  It’s amazing to me that in a matter of seconds, minutes and hours, lives change.  Houses burn down, trees fall, homes are washed away. 

But at the same time, there I was, crunching over fallen branches and leaves, enjoying the  powerful tranquility that comes with the aftermath.   I feel incredibly lucky and fortunate and grateful. 

By the end of my walk I felt far more relaxed with a quieted mind.  What started as a walk because I was annoyed, ended with a feeling of being ok.  Does that even make sense? Weird things happen when you walk outside I guess.

Stay safe, friends.  Thoughts and prayers to those who are dealing with more questions than answers today.


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