Some catching up

November 5, 2012

This weekend was a WHIRLWIND, I’d say about 11 of the past 48 hours were spent folded up in a car.  It was of course, worth it – family always is.  It was a good reminder that sometimes the simplest thank yous can be the most beautiful and the most effective. 

Despite all of the traveling, I think I fared pretty well.  I am rather proud of sticking to my food choices this weekend and have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the level of questions/acceptance from the family.  I made due with noshing on the veggie platter, grapes and some triscuits during the chili lunch with the family on Saturday, ordered a personal size cheese free pizza on Saturday and picked my way through the potluck lunch on Sunday (with the help of a PB&J bagel from the hotel breakfast to fill in the gaps).  It certainly wasn’t ideal (a few more twizzlers than should be mentioned were consumed), but I managed to get in a decent amount of veggies both days (thank you to whoever brought the salad on Sunday!!!!!) and came away not feeling too horrible about the choices I made.   Its back on track today with oats for breakfast and some leftovers with grains and kale for lunch today! 

Despite the crampy conditions and constant presence of BBQ fritos (OMG keep them away from me) in the car, I did manage to get my crafty side on and finish up a crochet project I’ve been working on all week.  

Meet the newest addition to my arguably too large already scarf collection. A nice and width, its warm and fuzzy with the softest red yarn I’ve felt and a fun addition with the black stripes, using yarn brought back from overseas as a gift from my inlaws!  This is the first time I’ve worked with 2 colors in a project and I’m definitely still working out the kinks.  Its not perfect, but I’m really happy with it!

And finally! Its November (what?).  Which means I am 5 days into the month of gratitude and 4 days behind on what I’m grateful for.  So.  Lets get to it!

November 1st: I was grateful, truly grateful to realize that after a few long years of cc debt, etc., I am finally in a position to say that I have gotten my finances in order.  No cc debt to my name and steadily paying off my student loans while starting to see my savings go up, instead of down.  Financial stability is such a peace of mind.

November 2nd:  On Friday I was grateful for having an understanding husband who looks really hard to try and find restaurants that we can both enjoy, while at the same time provides me with options other than bagged salad and french fries.  And on top of that, I was pretty grateful that I was finally at a place for work that I could work a 10 hour day on a Friday night and come home tired, but so so happy and feeling accomplished.

November 3rd/4th: For the weekend, overall I was reminded both days how grateful I am to be truly welcomed into my husband’s family.  Its pretty amazing to feel so loved and included by people who haven’t known me all my life. 

November 5th: And thatleads us up to today.  Today, I am grateful that the choices I’ve made over the weekend regarding my food have helped me to feel as good as possible about myself.  And to physically feel pretty ok.  But all of that being said, I’m also grateful that I can get back into my own kitchen and make a healthy meal, full of veggies to help myself and my husband feel back to 100% (poor guy…).

And with that, its back to my regularly scheduled Monday!  No bodypump this morning (too tired, too stiff), so I’m planning to sneak in some lifting this evening. 


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