Plans and schedules

November 7, 2012

Has anyone else had serious issues reseting after last week and this weekend?   With the strange schedule last week and the time change this weekend while traveling and the election hype yesterday,- i’m not quite feeling up to snuff, so to speak.  I haven’t been able to get myself into my regular workout routine or find my comfort zone in the kitchen.

Some weeks you have it and some weeks you just don’t, I guess.  Really, all this means is that I need to pull a few recipes that I know work and make them, instead of leaving dinner decisions for when I walk through the door at the end of the day.  While a big plate of steamed greens may sound delicious to me, it doesn’t always appeal to the mister.  Fair enough. 

Although yesterday and Monday weren’t really planned I’ve come up with a tentative dinner menu for the rest of this week:

Tonight: Its a chilly night tonight with the Nor’easter closing in and also a night that requires a quick and easy dinner with my 7 pm yoga class on the docket.  And nothing can be quicker (and cozier) than throwing some ingredients in a pot to simmer.  Inspiration comes from all sorts of places and after reading this morning’s post, I’m thinking of using Angela’s soup as a great starting point. 

Thursday:  Brandon has been asking for Pad Thai.  We’ve already had pasta once this week and I”m usually not too keen on doubling up on pasta nights during the week.  Which is why this recipe looks like a genius idea.  Not to mention its a great way to cook up a lot of those leftover veggies I’ve got hanging around in my fridge.

Friday:  This is usually the day where we both get home, are tired from the week and just say “screw it, we’re going to get a beer” and head off to one of our local townie bars.  If we do that – then great, if not, I’ve got DIY pepperoni roll and vegan pizza lined up for the night.  Sometimes, we are nothing, if not just a bunch of kids playing grownup in the kitchen, I swear.

As for my workout routine (ha!), I’m 100% dedicated to getting back to yoga tonight.  We had a week off last week for Halloween, but its back on track tonight! After missing a week, 11 hours of being twisted up in the back seat of a car this past weekend and this nagging inability to CLEAR MY HEAD, I’m thinking its about time I made it back. 

I’d like to fit in some cardio tomorrow night, maybe while the spaghetti squash is cooking – but definitely want to (ugh) make it back to my early Bodypump class on Friday.  I’m not the biggest fan of the new release and pair that with being unusually sleepy these past few days, I haven’t been too keen on heading in for those M, F early morning classes.  I want to get back to it though, which means sneaking in more sleep with earlier bed times until I’m back to normal.

Enough rambling!

Today, I am thankful for my yoga class.  And knowing that no matter what craziness is happening during the week, how “off” I feel or fast my mind is racing – I seem to always feel a little better when I walk into my class.  I may not be the perfect practicer of yoga, a lot of times I can’t get my mind to shut up and my downward dog is something horrendous, somedays I come home as cranky as I when I left.  But I love my instructor and the room is warm and cozy – and I always tend to sleep just a fraction better afterwards. 


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