Makin’ mom proud

November 14, 2012

I must be getting nostalgic for home, because lately I’ve been reaching back in my memory for foods “how mom used to make”.  For instance, veggie soup:

There are more than  few ways to make veggie soup – you can add sweet potatoes, or squash and a variety of spices – but the veggie soup I remember best, was my mom’s.  Simple and tomatoe based – beef, cabbage (she made her own broth), green beans and some corn, maybe celery if she was feeling frisky.  Growing up I didn’t fully appreciate how simple the flavors were and how well they worked together.  But like most girls who think they know better than mom & dad, I find i’m happiest at the dinner table when I don’t try too hard with flavors and let simplicity take over. 

Now.  Just because I started out on a mission to recreate my mom’s veggie soup last night, doesn’t mean I didn’t have my own changes to make either 😉  Naturally I omitted the beef and didn’t have time to make my own veggie broth, so settled for some bouillon.  And since I’m a veggie freak, I upped the ante’ for my soup a bit.  That’s the great part about soups – endlessly versatile. 

Where mom’s soup only had a few veggies thrown in, I took the time to listen to what my body was craving on a cold night after a busy day at work.  A hearty mix of canned tomatoes (I use my mom’s tip of taking whole canned tomatoes and squishing them apart into the soup – and don’t forget the juice!) zucchini and summer squash, chopped up baby bok choy, daikon root, shitaki mushrooms, corn and some lentils, a little bit of water and this baby simmered away for 30-45 minutes until the lentils were cooked.  A pinch of cumen, sea salt and red pepper flakes topped it all off.

And of course some slices of sourdough bread with earth balance to soak up what was left behind. 

So nutritious and oh so satisfying. 

So with soup in mind today i’m grateful that I grew up with a mom who picked her battles with us kids in the kitchen and took the time to cook homemade and healthy meals that I can make for my family. Thanks mom.


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