November 27, 2012


I would be pretty remiss if I didn’t make mention of what was the first of hopefully many successful vegan thanksgivings for me. I’ve had more than a few vegetarian thanksgivings, which never managed to cause my mom much grief, the only thing she had to do was make sure I got some brussel sprouts without bacon, then I would just avoid the bird. But this year, there was a little more thought involved, so I offered to bring the majority of dishes that’s would eat. Hence that delicious lentil “loaf” (if we’re being honest, it was less of a loaf than I would’ve preferred, but it was every bit as delicious). In the end, my mom was insanely awesome and made vegan friendly mini versions of most of her dishes, so I had a full plate just like everyone else, but not nearly as much groaning afterwards (for the record, my mom is a darn good cook!). Here’s what was on my menu for the holiday: Appetizers – veggies and olives and some baguette Dinnnnnerrrr- lentil loaf, slow roasted pearl onions with wine(by slow, I mean 8 hrs slow, ridic), stuffing, corn, cranberry sauces galore, brussel sprouts. Dessert – I made a vegan pumpkin roll that everyone loved. The best part was that I could enjoy my meal and my family without really sacrificing ( ok, so I may have missed my mom’s pies…). For the most part, everyone was nice about it, with the usual jabs about vegan food thrown in. But it still felt like thanksgiving to me πŸ™‚ Xo

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