A weekend in cellphone pictures

December 3, 2012

We had a lovely, productive, relaxing and Christmasy (at times), filled weekend. 

  I got my girly on with a holiday inspired DIY manicure at home.  Its been awhile since my nails have been painted, so I splurged and picked up one or two new colors to add to my collection and had some fun. image

We also picked out and decorated our Christmas gree for the year.  We’ve made it a goal to get a special ornament from the important places we visit.  My mom can tell me stories about almost all of the ornmanents on our tree at home and its a tradition I’m hoping to carry on.  image

This is my cat.  She’s a lady. Can’t you tell?image

Two of my favorite tree ornaments.  Brandon and I were pretty adamant about not having things in our wedding that were just going to get boxed up and stored away never to be seen again.  So when it came to picking out a cake topper, we chose to indulge in our slightly geeky side and used these two hallmark ornaments instead of the traditional flowers or Lenox topper.  I kinda love them.  How’s THAT for a story to tell your kids? image

Cat #2, joining in on the holiday cheer!image

On top of all that, we made it out to the movies for what would be my first time in over 3 years.  We went to see Skyfall, my first time, Brandon’s second.  We’re big fans of the James Bond franchise and even though I haven’t seen either of the other two Daniel Craig Bond’s (ahem. ladies – helllooo eye candy), I did enjoy this movie – even if it did leave my head a little confused when it got to trying to sort out where this movie fell in the “Bond continuem” .  I think in the end we settled on series reboot, rather than prequels.   Its the only way it makes sense, even if they muddied the waters a bit using Dame Judi Dench as M (that woman owns my soul).

And now its Monday and I am unavoidably snarky.  I have a sneaky suspicion this has to do with my inexplicably puffy face, my inability to sleep past 5:15 this morning and general female discontent with my hair today.  That, and my fabulous weekend.  le sigh.

How’z about you?


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