Is it time for Christmas break, yet?

December 19, 2012


I’m pretty lucky that I’m happy enough at my job that the (lately) early mornings and late night’s don’t really bother me, but on the hand I am definitely looking forward to the following, starting Saturday. 1. Sipping coffee from a real mug NOT while getting ready for work or driving to work. 2. Seeing my best friends and enjoying way too many shopping sprees and gigglefits. 3. Seeing family 4. Watching my cats run around a much larger house.than ours. 5. Um. Christmas and new years. 6. Not needing to wake up at 5 (but.grumbling when my body thinks otherwise) 7. Leisurely working from home on my laptop with no real deadline or necessity. Going home isn’t always easy when you’re the only vegan around, but my parents are pretty understanding, which is awesome. All the same, I try to bring my own stash of things like almond and hemp milk, earth balance, COOKIES, and other tidbits to nibble on. I’m also going to pack some low key workout gear and my resistance bands. With all of these long days I haven’t really had the time (or energy) to get to the gym for a workout. I’m not expecting miracle runs or lifting epiphanies, but I’ll be happy to.get in some activity. Stay healthy for the holidays, friends! Xo

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