DIY #1: Saddle Shoe Makeover

January 9, 2013

I should’ve made my number 1 new years resolution to be “GET BACK TO WORK”.  Good grief, it has been a chore trying to motivate myself to do anything but window browse online at shoes I cannot afford.  Slowly but surely I’m making my way out of the shopping induced hazes of winter break and back to the land of productivity. 

While that particular resolution may be stalling, I made good on another resolution this past weekend, to work on and complete more DIY projects. Other success stories of the week include making a stuffed pepper that my husband (who claims to hate all stuffed peppers that have ever and will ever be sat before him), DEVOURED.  No joke guys, it was gone before pictures could be had.  I’m a teensy bit proud and a LOT grateful for the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance (see the cookbook here: 

 But, I do have pictures of one my completed DIY projects.  Note to self:  Get away from the cell phone photos.  So a little back story, I’ve had a pair of (cheapy) saddle shoes for what feels like forever now.  Their retro quality was always fun, but for some reason I had the worst time trying to pair them and style them into any of my outfits.   I held onto them, convinced one day I’d be cool enough to wear them.  A little bit ago, I thought that maybe i’d wear them more if I changed them up a bit, something fun.   So that’s what I did.  Something fun…

 The players Taped up



I started with a little bit of painters tape, modge podge and glitter.  My first thought was to just use a black glitter over the black sections of the shoe, but I think my glitter was a little too fine to make any sort of visual impact.  So after a few coats of the black, I added on a layer of goldish glitter to create a bit more sparkle.

tada   Outift This is what I ended up with.  Saddle shoes with a little bit of som’n som’n to catch the eye.  I wasn’t sure if I would think the glitter would be too overpowering, but it turns out the effect is just enough. And fun!  To take them out for a spin today, I opted to keep things neutral and loose, but with bit of shimmer up top and a messy closet in the back.  Oh well. 🙂 

Whattya think?  I have a few more projects lined up for this week/weekend – one that even breaks out that sewing machine! These projects are quick and easy and perfect for breaking out while sitting in front of the TV after work and catching up on all episodes of the Big Bang Theory – bazinga!

Hope your week has started off well and maybe even a little more productive than mine!


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