Rocket Science

January 10, 2013


I realized this morning after a relatively negative last night, that I can feel great in my outfit, I can push myself to go to whatever gym class possible and I can read, crochet, cook my little heart out – but at the end of the day, I really only ever get that surge of self-worth when I’m busy at work. 

Long breaks are super nice, but super hard to come back from for me.  My work takes a bit to get back up and moving after a break, so these past few days, I’ve been significantly less busy than the weeks prior to the holidays.  While putting in 11 hour days daily, isn’t exactly my idea of an enjoyable lifestyle, I do appreciate that feeling of full days that fly by and end with a serious sense of accomplishment and yes – self worth.  So for the rest of the week and next week I’m going to really focus on keeping busy until things start to pick back up – like work on things that are upcoming, but not pressing, which is something that I used to do a lot of in college, but have since fallen out of.  I love a lot of the tips found in this article from savvysugar. 

I started the morning off right by doing immediately, what could be done later in the afternoon, which has the added bonus of allowing for more things to get done this afternoon.  Rocket science, I know.  Interestingly, by being productive early this morning, I was able to feel better about my yoga class when last night I was bummed at how tight and stiff I was from not having gone in a few weeks.  The new year is an opportunity for some serious self-reflection and last night I was doing some serious self-reflection.  This morning, while I haven’t dismissed my thoughts from last night, I can at least hold my head high and re-evaluate them. 

Cheers to 2013!


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