January 11, 2013

Amen for the weekend. 

1.  I’ve got big plans for projects, glasses of red wine, books, murder mysteries and football on TV.  

2.  I’ve been playing the music from BBCs Doctor Who and Sherlock all morning.  I’ve only ever seen two Doctor Who episodes, the first I wasn’t sure how I felt, but the 2nd episode has me suddenly and very strangely hooked.  “Its so much bigger on the inside!” or if you prefer, one of my favorite lines from the 2012 Christmas special “its so much smaller on the outside!”  “Thats a first…” 

3.  1 book down, a gazillion more to go with that New Years resolution bit.  Operation impossible, continues.

4.  See again:  Doctor Who and Sherlock – so.much.swooning.

Enjoy the weekend!


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