February 8, 2013

Friday at last.  I was hoping to sneak in one more workout this week before the weekend hit, but a late night at work put that on hold.

Truth be told, I could use the rest, we’ve been traveling non stop lately, combo that with late night’s at work and poor sleep, I am definitely fighting off a cold.  I sneezed no fewer than a gazillion times today and used about as many tissues. Yikes! It’s definitely a kick in the butt to remember to eat healthy and keep up with my workouts. 

But for now, I’ll leave you with my most recently completed project. 


While we were in Richmond a few weekends back, I saw a rainbow scarf at Claire’s that wasn’t worth the price, but definitely caught my eye.  Lucky for me, Michaels was right next door and I found this fun yarn to try and recreate the scarf!


I used dbl crochet front post stitches for the length of the scarf and kept it relatively skinny.   I absolutely love the finished look and have been wearing it a ton this week!


Another fun project off the hook and in the books! Happy weekend friends


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