Gymrat no more?

February 14, 2013

So yesterday was the beginning of Lent.  A day my husband likes to jokingly call a 2nd chance at some New Years Resolutions.  I have to laugh, because generally that’s true.  Most people give up something unhealthy and last year for Lent, (we’re not Catholic, but I enjoy the idea of Lent) I cut out dairy and eggs, essentially starting a Vegan lifestyle.  Which I have been able to continue through to the present time, with no plans to change!

Its funny though, because this year, I did something very different.  Without realizing the day, I actually ended up giving up my gym membership on the same day as Lent starts.  How strange is that, that on a day where most people are trying to reboot their healthy habits, I went ahead and did something silly like that.  It was initially a hard decision for me, but I broke it down and came to the following conclusions:

1.  I love my gym – but I’ve only been going for yoga classes once a week.   But I’ve been revamping my at home gym weights, etc.

2.  The cost of the gym, is about the same as going to a yoga studio (probably less!) once a week, so I justified the cost.

3.  I love love LOVE my yoga class.

4.  I haven’t actually been consistently going to yoga lately.

5.  We’re saving up some money for a house, so even when the amount is trivial, its still money saved and not spent.

So I opted to not resign my membership for another year.  We’re not sure if we’ll be living in an area that its convenient for me to even be a member at this gym and I can always resign up later.  But truthfully, i’m in no rush.  I’m grateful for the gym and what it helped me accomplish last year, but like with a lot of things in life, I seem to have grown out of the gym routine.  When I submitted my membership cancellation request last night, I was almost relieved.  Even though yoga was only one night a week, that one night had me feeling roped into a schedule with levels of guilt and stress related to working out that just shouldn’t be there, in my opinion 

So I gave up my gym membership for Lent and I’m hoping to use this as an opportunity to develop a stronger workout rotation at home, with more variety and different challenges.  I’ve also kicked around the idea of giving up alcohol (except for maybe special occasions, but a beer or glass of wine is sometimes just so good!) or maybe added sugars (but, Valentine’s day!?).  Its funny to me, that giving up dairy and eggs didn’t seem like a big deal at all,but a month without a drink or some added sugar?  That’s debilitating!  But one of my best friends used to always say that she gave up the hardest things for Lent, because it was a reminder to her of how important the practice was.  It sort’ve puts my excuses to shame, eh?

Anyhow – a rambling post for a lovey dovey Holiday! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY YA’LL!! We’re celebrating by my working a little later (d’oh), having some takeout on the couch and watching As Time Goes By, our favorite British Comedy. 

ps – did anyone elses’ hallmark envelope flap taste like chocolate when you licked it shut? Well played Hallmark, well played…


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