Its been…

July 12, 2013

4 months and 5 days since ive last felt any sort of urge to post.  Yikes. 

In the past year or so ive gotten married, honeymooned, battled some mental issues associated with a bout of bells palsy, walked away from a bad work environment into a much better but less stable work environment, spent countless hours and sleepless nights worrying about said less stable work environment, searched for, bought and moved into our first home, lost my dad to a seriously courageous battle with prostate cancer and finally solidified my job and last, obsessed over getting and subsequently walking away from an internship opportunity.

4 months and 5 days of emotional roller coasters and zero motivation to be in the kitchen or the gym.  But ive slowly started to make a turn for the better.  I finally feel like im starting to get back into a schedule groove with the new house, that actually includes some workouts.  A generous gift from a friend after watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead means I am now the proud owner of a juicer (so so good), im trying mu best to not kill all of the green things that ive planted around my house, I survived another (mostly) vegan mid west vacation and ive been feeding (literally!) My motivation by rereading some of my favorite healthy living blogs and visiting healthy food stores a few times a month to restock and rekindle some excitement for food.


This weeks haul included some new Chia Pods, frozen fruit and pb2 for smoothies, almond milk greek yogurt (I dont like soy based yogurts, so this is a definite treat for me) and a few other goodies. 

Ive also been enjoying some experimental attitudes back in the kitchen.  Last night I went a little further than just sauteing our veggies for pasta and instead made a delicious garlic and rosemary olive oil by heating the three together before tossing some grape tomatoes, squash and zucchini in it to marinate before into the grill pan it went with some balsamic vinegar and white beans for a protein boost.  As a side I steamed some kale, but instead of my go to ume vinegar or franks hot sauce, I took it a fun step further and steamed carrots with the kale and tossed the two with a homemade maple cranberry pear vinagrette and some raw slivered almonds.   In the future I think itd make a really tasty fall holiday dish with some cranberries to offset the sweetness of the carrots and vinagrette.  


Although my plate consisted of all the kale and the veggie bean mix, I tossed in some whole wheat penne with the rest of the veggies for B.  Equally as tasty, but im always surprised at how full I am with just the veggies and not the pasta. 

So cheers to a fun filled weekend, a new breath of inspiration and a smile.  Time to go enjoy this rainy evening in sweats and a cup of tea. 


2 Responses to “Its been…”

  1. Dominick S. Says:

    Good to see you back and it does sound like life was a bit hectic!

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