Lesson Learned

July 15, 2013

Because my lunch plans fell through today and I was a little lax on the veggie intake this weekend (hello lazy summer), I opted to spice up my smoothie with a fresh chopped salad from work today.   Mistake.

I’ll be honest – I’m pretty spoiled these days when it comes to salads.  I love to make my own at home to bring in for lunch and they’re usually stuffed into a big container that I have to smoosh down to get the lid on.  I’m not shy about all of the fixings and have come to enjoy my salads with little to no dressing at all, especially depending on the ingredients.  So it was a bit of a shock when my salad came out looking like this:


Ugh – this thing was seriously swimming in the dressing.  You can hardly make out the different veggies in there. So gross.  I ate about 2 bites before I pushed it away.  I hate wasting food OR money, but this afternoon both were sacrificed in the name of a lesson well learned.

In the end – I went with my gut and nursed my green smoothie and bag of cherries for the early afternoon.

glug glug

glug glug

Both have kept me more than satisfied and will leave me with room for a fun grill-a-thon dinner tonight.  Which will include some fresh veggies not drowning in dressing – blecch.  Like I said – lesson seriously learned.


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