In other news

February 21, 2013

It’s been one of those weeks, where I had a big presentation on Monday, and instead of having that exhale moment where I go home, have a cup of tea and relax, I stay at work late, can’t sleep and generally don’t relax. I have upped my mug of tea quota though.  So at least there’s that. 


In other news: this justins chocolate almond butter needs to simultaneously get in my belly and out of my drawer at work, because it is delicious and very hard to not eat.  I had some on a banana this afternoon for a snack, but eventually cut out the middleman and knife fed it to myself.  I managed to stop before things got bad.  Thank goodness.


Dinners have been a bit meh this week.  But last night it was nice to finish off the last of our asparagus with this fun new salad recipe from an old vegetarian cookbook.  Steamed asparagus, grape tomatoes and orange sections on a bed of spinach with a whip it up quick citrus vinaigrette.  Easy, quick and a refreshing change from the heavy winter foods as of late.

And finally


Fear the purr.



Caesar salads

February 12, 2013


We’re big fans of Caesar salads at our house and since discovering Alicia Silverstones Caesar dressing from The Kind Life, it’s been on constant rotation. The thing that is fun for me, is deciding what to put on top of the salad. Since meat and seafood are out, I tend to lean towards some marinated portabellas as our topping of choice. This past summer I tried out some roasted cauliflower (delicious) and last week, in an attempt to clear our fridge of leftovers, I grabbed the final stalks of asparagus and cooked them up in our grill pan with lots of fresh ground pepper. As a side, they would’ve been tasty, but wanting. As a salad topper, they were delicious and added a fun new twist. So you can imagine how happy I was, when I offered up bellas or asparagus as toppings for Caesar salad to my husband, who responded with a “yes”. So tonight, it’s Caesar salad with bellas and asparagus. Y.u.m. Anyone else choose fun things for salad toppings besides me?

Staying healthy

February 5, 2013


Working hard at trying to feel more accomplished during the day. Not to mention keep a serious check on my health. This week is all about keeping track of how I’m eating and moving. Im trying to stay active during the day, that way if I dont get in a workout, I don’t feel too guilty. Also on tap is making sure I’m only eating when I’m hungry. Last week I’d eat when I was supposed to, not necessarily when I felt hungry, which left me feeling heavy and forever full. Very unpleasant. My current reading material (Michael Pollan) also has me truly reinvigorated about my eating habits. Last night I was in bed early, but tonight I got in a full set of lifting and an insanely delicious dinner of roasted veggies like asparagus, tomatoes, garlic, zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes and carrots, seasoned with some peri peri and the most amazing Spanish smoked paprika ever, tossed with some petite peas, whole wheat pasta and some olive oil. Absolutely addicting.


How are you staying healthy this winter? Xo

Monday mishmash

January 14, 2013

When I was in college, one of my favorite meals to get was the pizza burger option.  So on Thursday night, when I was trying to figure out what to whip up for dinner using the things we had, I was a little excited when pizza sauce, frozen homemade veggie burgers and pita pockets made the list.  Super easy to make and probably easily modified.  For this option I kept it simple with  pizza sauce and melted “cheese”, next time, maybe i’ll go for some sauted onions and mushrooms.  Served with a side of my continued obsession, “cheezy” kale and sweet potatos.  Husband approved!

In other food news, while we were out this weekend, I grabbed some Almond Milk GREEK style yogurt to try (for the record, I have not been compensated in anyway for this mention, just raving about something new i’ve tried)  When I used to eat dairy, greek yogurt would be a go-to snack for me.  I never really liked the flavor or texture of non-dairy yogurt, so I simply avoided it.  But this “So Delicious” Almond Milk Greek style yogurt is awesome.  I started with Vanilla and truthfully, its like eating a thick vanilla custard, with no funny aftertastes that I sometimes get with non-dairy yogurt.   I sliced a bit of banana into it for lunch today and it was a nice guilt free dessert.  Honestly, its been so long since i’ve had this kind of texture, that eating a full serving is almost difficult.  And there’s definitely enough there to leave some for the afternoon.  Ive only been able to find the yogurt in one place and we don’t go there all that often, which makes this a perfect little “treat” for those days I feel like being a little indulgent.   Has anyone else tried it?

Other than that, our weekend was pretty standard and a bit lazy.  We got in a walk during some of the nicer – non-rainy weather, enjoyed a few DIY projects and the football this weekend really could not be beat, so many exciting (if not slightly anxiety ridden) games to watch.  I re-established my love for the BBC murder mystery series Inspector Lewis and put together a quickie Champagne Cocktail for a Sunday night treat.   I had some thoughts to get in dedicated workout time, but that gave way to a walk with B and some relaxing.  I am starting to get that itch to get moving and am seriously contemplating my brother’s offer to run a 10k with him in April. 

Here’s hoping for a far less tedious and agonizingly slow week than last week, eh?



Spicy veggie pasta

December 12, 2012

This is what happens when you have a hungry husband and a vegan wife


Tons of veggies and a box of pasta


And of course what is dinner, if not a vehicle for my new hot sauce


To make, I just pan roasted some carrots, squash and zucchini and added in the beans, asparagus and collard greens towards the end so they wouldnt overcook. The result was a hearty, but not overly heavy vegan pasta dish that was something just different enough to not be boring (especially with that sriacha sauce!) Sometimes it’s fun to rethink the classic dishes, no?

Garlic and herb popcorn

December 11, 2012


Just a quick snack I whipped up this weekend, with the star of the show, some new (to us) earth balance. Garlic and herb earth balance had us at hello. Delicious on crackers, but equally if not more so, satisfying when its melted and tossed over a big ol bowl of home popped popcorn.


Dig in! Xo

Friends, if you are looking for a soup that will clear your sinuses, do I have a recipe for you.


Wednesday nights, as you know – are my yoga nights, which means quick and easy meals are the go-to for dinners.   Last night we tried a new recipe from my Vegetarian Slow Cooker cookbook, “Chinese Hot-Pot Soup”.  Which is simply a combination of ginger and onions, chili pepper flakes, soy sauce, garlic and a bunch of veggies like carrots and water chestnuts, with snowpeas, tofu and mushrooms added at the end.

It smelled great walking in the door, but I may have been a little heavy handed with the spices 😉 (I added a little extra of the chili pepper flakes, and then, because I’m evil – some Sriacha sauce and chili paste.  Who AM I?).  This soup definitely tested the limits of my husband’s spice tolerance, and if we’re being honest here – mine too.   We were sniffing up a storm by the end of dinner, so this soup is definitely in the “I have a cold and can’t breathe out of my nose”, rotation But for the purposes of having something quick, healthy and lite to eat before zipping off to spend some time with my yoga mat, I’d say it was a success.image

I should warn you though, that on its own, the soup isn’t overly substantial.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for yoga, seeing as how I shouldn’t even really eat before class anyhow – but it was also a great excuse for me to make my newest obsession.   Cheezy Kale.  Seriously, 3 nights this week and I have had this side dish each.night.   Lucky me it also falls into the simple category – kale, olive oil and nutritional yeast.  Oven, stir. Boom.  A plate full of addicting.  At least to me, Brandon sort’ve snarls at it.  Have I mentioned kale is my happy food?

And can we just talk for a second, about how freaky it is when you go to class with something on your mind and your instructor either has a class or meditation planned that addresses those thoughts?  Sometimes its something as simple as hearing a song to reset your thoughts (raise your hand if this happened to you this week at the gym, because I know it did for me) – other times, like last night, it was something overly blatant, like naming the thoughts I had in my head.  It doesnt’ always happen, but it sure as hell is an amazing experience when it does, so enlightening, empowering and freeing, especially when you’re able to leave it all drain out of you afterwards.

So that is my healthy decision for last night, to take the cue and consciously decide to leave the thoughts I had in my head all in the yoga room.

Today’s decision was lunch.  In order to use up the soup, which wasn’t very appealing for a substantial lunch, I opted to drain the veggies from the spicy broth, cook up some millet and make a nice little veggies and grains macro lunch.  I may or may not have added some hot sauce.  I may or may not have a problem.