Beginning and an End

September 4, 2012

Does it feel like Fall yet?


Me either (but I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend!)

Regardless, Labor day has come and gone with a glorious 3 day weekend in between.   We spent an enjoyable weekend with friends, but the weekend started and ended in one of my favorite places – the kitchen.

As promised, we started the weekend with these beauties (you can find the recipe here).   These are the first vegan muffins I have ever made that actually LOOKED like muffins and had a consistency that my husband didn’t wrinkle his nose at.  It was my first foray into making my own oat flour and the result was 100% worth it, I think.  It was also the first time I made a carrot puree to use as part of the base.  I really enjoyed the result and think its a great way to replace an expensive can of pumpkin, especially if you’re in a pinch.

We snacked on these before (ok and during) the drive up to Philly and for breakfast the rest of the weekend.  I recommend eating them with a swipe of earth balance.  Yummmm.

And of course, as all things, our holiday weekend had to come to an end.  I had a productive Monday, working on a deadline, some chores, preparing for the work week and getting in an at home weight lifting session (bonus!).   The night had a perfect ending of college football and some homemade pizza.


One of the things I want to focus on for the month of September is less processed foods and more whole foods.  There’s nothing wrong with snagging a veggie burger from the freezer on those nights you just don’t feel like cooking – but I’ve been reaching for that door a little more often than I’d like to admit lately.  Enter this pizza recipe from Let them Eat Vegan (click

here for the recipe).  Pizza was on the menu for tonight and I wanted to try another go at a Thai “chicken” pizza.  Normally I would’ve just thrown on a veggie chick’n breast or tofu.  But I came across this recipe using chick peas and even though my love for tofu will never die, I thought I’d give it a try.

I modified the recipe a bit for the things I had and included some spinach.   I wish I would’ve made more sauce, but the flavors were  all there.  I think these would be fun as mini pizzas on English muffins, using pineapple rings instead of chunks.  You could even slice the peppers in rings instead of trips or chopped like I did here.

I’ve got a fun week of recipes coming up that try to avoid using overly processed meat substitutes.

Anyone else have any new goals (healthy or otherwise) for September?